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  1. My husband has this entire video.
    I still have yet to watch the entire thing, but I know he’s been bugging me to for months and months now.

  2. I have seen it before. I would have looked more into its “facts” but its statements about Christianity are so inacurate that it lost all of its credibility with me.  For one Jesus was not born on the Dec 25th or even close to that date. No where does it say he was.

    So is the rest of this any more accurate?

  3. @trunthepaige - It’s pretty universally know that Jesus wasn’t born on Dec 25th. But it’s still celebrated by Christians as the birth day of Jesus. The truth is no one knows when Jesus was born because he may not even have existed. 

    I wouldn’t discredit the whole video based on that issue of debate alone. I don’t know whether the video is accurate or not personally. But I do know Christianity, like most other religions is a load of BS.   

  4. @roxics – I could have sworn they brought up ‘new data’ saying that there was ‘indeed’ a Jesus of Nazareth, but we all think he was psychotic! :P

    Either way, even if did exist, no one can really say he was ‘the Messiah’ or whatever.
    Sigh. The many mysteries of this world! :D

    But it makes life quite beautiful!

    <3 Take Care!

  5. @roxics – Yes and Roman historians along with Jewish historians, recounted him as being thought of as as much more than a normal man named Yeshua. His existence is as well confirmed as any other historical figure from that time or before.

  6. @roxics – In other words the people making this video were not very concerned with accuracy? They had to know what they said was not true.  So why would I trust what they say about any other religion, when I know they intentionally lied about one of them, just to make it fit the mold?

    How many more lies are there? Why waste your time with a video, were you know before watching any more of it. That they are not all that concerned with being accurate?

    You may like the bias of this video. But you know that nothing on this video, can be trusted as being accurate. Unless you have already investigated it ahead of time. In other words this video is a worthless example of atheistic propaganda.

    There are honest atheistic apologetics, Why use this one?

  7. Interesting videos.  On what source does the narrator base the claim that Josephus’ account of Jesus is a fraud?  I’m not familiar with that argument.

  8. @trunthepaige - By all means I’m open for debate. I’m not personalyl claiming the video is accurate. You could be right. It might not be. Although I am interested to know of these historians who documented the existence of Jesus the Christ. 

    As for lies. There is a difference between lying and stretching the truth. From some of the things I’ve looked up contained in this video I would not say the creator of this video was lying. At most he took pieces of truth that fit hsi bias. As an example the story of Horus. In some dynasties Horus was considered the Sun god when blended with Ra. In others he represented both the sun and the moon. 
    They weren’t lying is saying what they said about Horus, simply pulling the pieces necessary to put their whole story together. 

  9. @PunkRockCowboy - Perhaps. I don’t know. But even if he did exist, he could have been nothing more then a rebel rouser and cult leader turned legend by injecting previous myth into his story. Or maybe he didn’t exist to begin with. Or maybe he is the most powerful son of God who will judge all of us based on what we do in bed and whether we believe in him. How are we to know these things?

    For anyone else who think’s they are going to debate me. I’m not really here to debate this. I don’t know. Simple as that.All I did was present the video and further stated my own personal beliefs.   
    I personally don’t subscribe to any revealed religion. I think they are all a bunch of bullshit contrived by man to give people hope and/or control them. Yes I do believe in God, but not the revealed relgious kind. 

  10. @roxics – And as you already know debating a deist is not all that easy to do. You avoid all the absurdity and contradictions of trying to prove that which you can’t prove. All while claiming that it Christians are doing exactly what you are doing. But they are wrong and youare not.

    Deists take all the fun out of it

  11. @roxics – Not lying. Ok but intentionally misleading. They know all the facts do not line up half as neatly as this video claims.



    Are two roman sources there are more. And Jesus is also disused in the Talmud a work that if it could say he did not exist had every reaso to say so.

    Yeshu ben Pandera, cited as the teacher of a second century CE heretic

    Chullin2:22-24,Avodah Zarah 16b-17a) A sorcerer who had been stoned in Lod on the eve of one Passover.


    43a An example of a “son who burns his food in public”




    17b) identified as Manasseh of Judah son of Hezekiah in a corresponding account in the

    Shulchan Arukh

    An idolatrous former student of the early first century BCE rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachiah.Sanhedrin 107b.

    I think that more than enough to prove anyone else in history existed.

  12. @trunthepaige - I’m not trying to prove anything though. I’m not sure most deists are. Typically atheists leave us alone because they have nothing to debate with us (all the fun for an atheist is in knocking down the details of a revealed religion) and Christians throw us a bone just for the fact that we believe in God and aren’t evil nasty atheists. :)

    I’m not sure the point you were trying to make above though. I don’t really understand any of the sources you pointed out. What do they have to do with Jesus? 

  13. @roxics – They name and  describe him. In a very negitive light but if they could have said this heresy was based on a man did not exist they would have said it.  Those out takes were to short. Any research is going to point to both Roman and Jewish histories that talk of Jesus. Not descriptions from his fans, but those hated Christians. And the Gospels as much as you don’t like them are also sources. Strange is it not, that no one from that time. No matter whow much they hated Christianity, ever tried to say Jesus was not a real man?

    It not so much we throw you a bone, as lose half of what we normally argue about

  14. @roxics – I was commenting on your comment to @trunthepaige – You suggested that she not disregard the video based on that one fact about the 25th of December.

    I have known people who have disregarded God on smaller details, yet we are supposed to accept the video despite this one.

  15. I’ve seen all these.

    My main arguement against the religion vs. scientific as a whole stands as such, 
    It’s just as foolish to believe there is no metaphysical being who created us, as it is foolish to believe there isnt.
    You can’t prove either theory as law and fact, so it’s just as reasonable to believe in the giant spaghetti monster.

  16. @trunthepaige – Yea…I wanna see the Historical evidence. Please show me some evidence othe than the biographies written some 40-110 years after he died. You would think their would be alot written on the guy with him being God and all…but Show me please. I really wanna see….but my bet is you are making it up….like you make most of your stuff up.

    @roxics – I go check out the 3 stars (wise men) every Christmas eve and they line up with the north star which lines up with the sunrise.

    It is all marketing. Christians bought up the various franchises, consolidated and rolled out the Jesus Model that has been quite a good seller. Vastly more profitable than GM or Chrysler.

  17. @tendollar4ways – At least one of the gospels was written by an eye witness, but you are not going to accepted that or anything else. By your standard Julius Cesar did not exist. People such as you are a waste of time. But Google is your friend if you honestly want learn anything. Which I know from experience is something you would never dream of doing

  18. @trunthepaige – I did google it. Mark, whom you are refering to wrote his book some 35-40 years after Jesus death. The other 3 wrote their accounts based on Marks account. Disection of Marks work demonstrates that he couldn’t have been an eye witness. Julius Cesar has an abundance of material, eyewitness accounts, documentation. Not even close. I suggest YOU google it. I have nothing to fear in seeking…..you have alot to fear of what you might find.

  19. @tendollar4ways – It was John I was referring to and it is not based on Mark in any why. And no one thinks it is. Does it matter how long it was before an eye witness puts it paper? And there are a lot of eye witness accounts of Jesus, but you discount them all, so why not discount Cesar? And there no way you could believe there was ever a Socrates. But I am sure you do, because this not about proof. Its about you being an asshole and a truly dim blub.

  20. @trunthepaige – I know how you theos roll and you make shit up on the fly and lend a bunch of money to dead beats and ruin economy because you can get yours…..but that doesn’t change the fact that that is a idiotic and destructive way to live. Mark is the one who they say was an eyewitness (doubtful) but that is the Christian line. Luke wasn’t even by Christian accounts but consolidated all the stories and wrote them down. Socrates, Cesar…their is much evidence, proof, colaborated evidence to their existance. Jesus just doesn’t have that.

    Doesn’t matter of course. The fact that Joe the Plumber cannot pay his $1,100 in taxes but is gonna bring in 250K net on the company he is gonna buy or that the loan that Citibank made to Jim for 500 large even though he doesn’t have a job or any assets will never be paid back….and not eventually hurt Citibank…

    Fantasy world…..you live in a fantasy world. This needs to end. We are all suffering now .

  21. @tendollar4ways - @trunthepaige - 

    Guys I don’t mind you two using my blog to debate your sides back and forth. In fact I find them both very interesting perspectives.But if you’re going to do it here I’d ask that you both be civil and not resort to blatant name calling.

  22. @roxics - I know I’m really late in the game on this one (I can’t watch videos from work so I email them to myself to watch from home, and it takes me a while to get to it) but I don’t see how the video becomes discredited over the December 25th thing.  The point of contention isn’t really over when Jesus the man was historically born (because, as you pointed out, we can’t know that at this point) but rather when Jesus the Son of God was born mythologically… and the churches to a man celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th. I haven’t heard of a single Catholic or Christian church which even says “hey guys, we’re going to celebrate this on December 25th but we actually don’t know when Jesus was born”, much less pick a more accurate day. The churches still teach that he was born on 12/25.

    Is there something I’m missing?

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