Yes! I have a girlfriend.

I seem to hear this a lot on Xanga.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

Why yes, yes I do. What are you the fucking moral police? Just because I have a girlfriend I can’t be a little flirty on the internet without getting called out by every guy and gal on here? Am I some sort of suspect? It’s not like I’m trying to be secretive about it.  

Really I don’t believe this shit. There are guys out there that get hit on by other girls right in front of their girlfriend. There are guys who end up sleeping with their girlfriends best friend because she’s all over him. But me, someone who has never cheated and is a good boyfriend, decides to be a little publicly flirty with a few girls on here and I get called out like some kind of criminal.

This isn’t even real life. This is fucking Xanga! None of this matters.

So what’s the harm? Why do you people keep asking me that question? Yes I have a girlfriend. Yes I love her very much. But if some girl is going to be all slutty here I reserve the right to say something flirty in return.

You people need to get over your shit.

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  1. i think a lot of people see the lives and actions of others through their own experiences and they expect everyone else to act and do as they do…that would be a suckworld if it were the reality of the situation wouldnt it?.. thankfully it’s not – so its about as real as the flirtations are..

  2. Hey, you do whatever the hell you’d like.  You shouldn’t have to defend yourself on XANGA for fuck’s sake.  And you’re right, it’s just the internet.  People really need to relax.

  3. Haaha, been there.  I’m actually married.  But, here in Xanga, as in real life, just ’cause I’m married don’t mean I’m blind or dead.  I told my wife years ago, if I stop flirting, bury me.  She knows I love to watch, talk and flirt with pretty girls, and she also knows where I live.  Also, glad to see you blogging again!

  4. Ha, I’m amused that the girls are “slutty” but you’re just “flirty”.

    Anyway, it’s none of anyone’s business; if she’s okay with it, who’s to judge?

  5. @Kestryl – Well.. I was thinking of a post with a nude photo in it at the time I wrote this. Guys can certainly be slutty too.

    @lonelywanderer2 – Exactly. The older I get the more ridiculous it all starts to sound. I can’t imagine living the rest of my life with blinders on. It’s one thing to be disrespectful, but I certainly haven’t acted that way.

  6. Being flirtatious is one thing.  The ONLY problem with flirting on the internet is if the other person gets the wrong impression.  A person could very well have good intentions, but the one on the other end may perceive it quite differently.  Men and women are so vast in their ideas and perceptions that things get highly misconstrued.  Taking things for what they are can be a great solution.  When people start to think into things, they tend to start overdoing (I’m one of them).  Women can sometimes be defensive and sensitive, and only think about their feelings at the time.  So, if a guy flirts and she’s not really “asking” for attention, then it’s taken in quite a different direction.  On the other hand, if she’s wanting that attention, she won’t care either way.

    I do agree that you shouldn’t have to defend yourself to people on Xanga.  I really don’t mind “too” much if my boyfriend pays a women a compliment, but when it comes to offerings and things of that nature, then it begins to be a little out of hand.  Thankfully I don’t have to worry about that.  Some people just need to get a life (even though I’m flattered that they are asking on my behalf)!

  7. “But if some girl is going to be all slutty here I reserve the right to say something flirty in return.”

    Do you mean that a girl flirting with you should be considered slutty for doing so, or simply that you would respond to extreme flirting with minimal flirting?
    And, if you encourage slutty behavior with returned flirting, is it really fair to be calling the girl slutty in the first place?

  8. these comments seem especially asinine considering that you’re on the INTERNET and your girlfriend could see everything you say. if you were going to say/do something inappropriate, wouldn’t you, i dunno, do it more secretively? 

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