Xvid Pirates

I’m not condoning piracy with this post.

We all know there are people who pirate movies and TV shows with torrent trackers.
But what baffles me are the formats that get shared. For some odd reason the Xvid (.avi) format is huge with video pirates. Has been for years. As well as strange resolutions like 624×352. I don’t know who pulled that resolution out of their ass and why everyone seems to follow suite with it.

Remember I am a video professional. I work with formats daily. I don’t see any feasible reason why Xvid or that resolution is typically chosen.

I understand that years ago Divx / Xvid was one of the only good low size formats out there. However today we have Mpeg4 and H.264 which are wrapped inside a .mp4 extension rather then .avi like both xvid and divx use.

See what gets me is that everyone is trading this xvid stuff online, yet nearly every single device on the market from personal media players(iPods, Zune, ect) to cells phones refuse to support it. Instead they all support MP4. This has been the case for the last three years or so.

Which brings me to

Why the fuck is everyone still trading Xvid videos rather than Mp4’s!!! 

You’d think that rather then these people going out of their way to find the few players that support Xvid and then bitching at the electronics makers for not putting Xvid support into their devices, they would, you know, start trading videos in a format most devices do support. A format that is generally the same if not superior anyway. MP4

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  1. @Paul_Partisan – Which OSes would those be? Because Mp4’s work great on both Windows and Mac systems. I would assume Linux also has support. Palms WebOS(linux), iPhone/iPods and Android(linux) also ONLY support MP4 and H.264.

    The reality is, if it doesn’t support MP4 it’s even less likely the OS supports Xvid. 

  2. @Paul_Partisan – M4V’s are typically DRMed. That’s a special extension that Apple uses for it’s DRMed H.264 content. But MP4’s are not DRMed. It’s a standard format these days. Linux should have no problem playing MP4’s. But like MP3 they might require a license for playback. But that’s never stopped linux people. Like I said, Android and WebOS are both Linux based and only support MP4 (both H.263 and H.264 variety).

    Also understand that Xvid is built off H.264. So technically MP4 is the more open standard wrapper for such a codec.

  3. @PeaceSearcher – Yes, this is true. But here’s the thing. I know H.264 take more power to decode on a computer. But even just regular Mpeg4 which Xvid is based on should be similar quality and more open.  

  4. @Paul_Partisan – 

    MP4 is just a container like AVI or MOV or MKV. Inside that container goes the video in a certain codec with whatever else could be added. I’ve never personally encountered an MP4 with DRM. Only M4V. But MP4 and M4V are pretty well interchangeable. I’ve converted between the two by just changing the file extension.

    That said, just because someone could add DRM to such a file is a moot point. It’s not like anyone legally sells Xvid avi files that pirates then take and pass around online. They create those AVI files themselves from DVD rips or camcorders in movie theaters. So if pirates switched to using MP4 or even M4V it isn’t like they are going to go out of their way to add DRM to it.

    Why would I put a lock on something I want to give away for free, just because the new thing I’m giving away CAN have a lock? 

  5. @MissKatieSue – That’s just the container that Divx and Xvid have always used. Even before Mp4 came around. So I think they just don’t want to change it for consistency sake.

    That said, people don’t really need to use Xvid and Divx anymore. I think on of the draws to Xvid is that it’s open source software. But that doesn’t really matter. There are so many free players which play MP4 these days (Quicktime, iTunes, Media Player Classic, VLC, SMPlayer) about the only one that doesn’t is Windows Media Player. But anyone who is smart enough to download a torrent program and torrent a movie illegally should already have at least Quicktime, iTunes or VLC on their machine.

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