Xanga feels small

Xanga is supposed to have 40+ million members according to wikipedia. So why is it that it feels like the same 100 or so people keep showing up everywhere? It’s almost like you can tell who is new because I feel like I rarely run into anyone who is new.
This just seems strange to me. How is it that a site with that many members can have you running into the same people over and over again? Something tells me Xanga’s numbers must be fudged.

But seriously does any who has been here a year or more feel like that haven’t run across everyone here at least once? It can’t be 40 million.

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  1. i agree with the small thing to some extent… but when i’m lucky enough to get my (so called lol) posts rec’d, that’s when it doesn’t seem so small… cause i mean then i see quite a few xangans i’ve never seen before…

  2. I feel the same way actually. Even the featured posts are by the same 10 or 15 people over and over and over again. I’ve been using xanga since 2005 and haven’t noticed many new people…there are some, but not too many.

  3. i think a lot of members don’t blog, they just here to read others stuff and they got no profile pics. or anything.

    so i think dats part of the reason.

  4. Well, I think that’s why most (if not all?) trackers differentiate between “total members” and “active users” which is usually a small percentage of any given site’s population. Plus, if you couple that with the fact that most people on Xanga have a circle of friends that they frequent, it would stand to reason that you will see many of the same people over and over again. For example, I would venture to guess that Roadlesstaken has a different (and much larger) circle than say… SodomyClown.

  5. Basically what mxyl said. This sites been around for years.  I think I signed up in 2003.  Almost all the people I used to talk to back then don’t come here anymore, but their accounts are still here.  There could definitely be 40 million users, but only maybe a few hundred thousand current active users.

  6. How many people have accounts but never actually use the site anymore, for blogging or for reading? Because that number’s probably a couple million, and I’m sure that the statistic you quote is not discounting inactive users.

    I see the same people on almost every post I read, but then I rarely go on the front page or read anything that’s not written by or recommended by someone that I’m subscribed to. I wonder how many people do the same thing, thus making each crowd seem quite homey instead of huge.

  7. I have a really hard time believing that there are that many of us on here…

    But like others have said, they probably count the inactive pages as well.  

  8. I think there are different clans, the attention hos on the front page and then the underground members that are around but have their own clan somewhere or blogs as if it was an actual diary so nobody really knows about them since they keep a low profile. I’d estimate 20 very active members that live on xanga, 40 that mainly comment and 40 that secretly watch and never speak the other millions skipped to whore themselves out on facebook.

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