Xanga Crushes

Last night my girlfriend asked me if I had any xanga crushes. I don’t know where that question came from. But what a loaded one it is. I told her no, not in the sense of women I’m crushing on.

To me a crush is someone you really really like and want to get to know more. You’re sort of head over heels about them. With that definition, my answer stands. No, I don’t have any xanga crushes. Sorry ladies.

But there are girls on xanga I think are really cool. There are girls on xanga I would consider being naughty with. My girlfriend knows this because there are girls on xanga she would be naughty with and girls she would want me to be naughty with, along side her.

I’m not going to say who they are because that would seem creepy.

But you should know I’m making a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice. I think you should too.

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  1. oh. this is so cool.  You and your girlfriend should each make Xanga lists, and compare them. Write a protected post, only open to those with overlap. If there is reciprical interest, do that threesome you’ve been looking to do. I would vicariously enjoy that!  (yeah. that is selfish, i guess?) I  liked today’s post a lot. Can be very true.

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