Xanga Booty Contest – Winners

You can see the entries here:

Overall I’m pretty disappointed in the lack of participation this year. One would think that every year it would get bigger and better. That certainly seemed to be the case from year one to year two. I don’t know if it’s the fact that this year it took place during the summer rather than in March like the previous years, even though I’ve had people say it should be a summer contest because everyone looks better with a tan. Or maybe it’s because I spent six months earlier this year being fairly absent from xanga. Which only confirms peoples short memory spans as they seem to have forgotten me. Not all but some.

But to be completely honest, my heart wasn’t exactly in it this year myself. Maybe that’s the biggest factor of all. I didn’t promote it enough. I love me some booty, but there have been times over the last three weeks where I myself have forgotten about the contest. My mind has been elsewhere. Sorry to say.

Either way, I’m thrilled with those that have entered. I’m not even going to put it to a vote, they’re all winners this year simply for paying attention and having the guts to put themselves out there. But beyond that, they’re all pretty damn hot!

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  1. @Pink_TeaCups – I’m still debating whether I’ll have another one here. By next March socialmore should be in full swing and I’ll probably just hold one there. It will be much better set up for these kinds of contests anyway.  

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