Xanga Booty Contest – Vote Now!

Deadline for Submissions – March 12th – Submission details found here (link)

ENTER NOW (link)

This is a rolling contest. Submissions are between February 18th and March 12th. Every new submission gets added right away. Vote now or save your vote till March 12th. You get six votes.

We’re voting for best female Nude, Pants and Undies – There are three votes right there

Here is an example

Nude – #
Pants – #
Undies – #

We are also voting for best male Nude, Pants and Undies – Those are your remaining three votes for a total of six.

Here is an “Undies Example” photo since some of the girls asked me to put some up.

Nude Example

Pants Example

Since this is a rolling contest new photos will be added as they come in. Those who submit early get the most exposure and possibly the most votes. Those who submit later get to see what other people have submitted first.

One girl and one guy will win best Xanga booty out of all the votes. They will win 6 months of Xanga premium.

Now on to the pictures: (listed by submission date – early submissions first)

Girl #1

Girl #2

Girl #3

Girl #4

Girl #5

Girl #6
Removed by request of user.

Girl #7

Guy “A”

Girl #8

Guy “B”

Guy “C”

Girl #9

Guy “D”

Girl #10

Girl #11

Girl #12

Guy “E”

More to come as they get sent in – Submit yours here (link)


0 thoughts on “Xanga Booty Contest – Vote Now!

  1. So far, unofficially, I am probably going to vote for Girl 6 and Girl 11 and Guy A. I’ll comment with my official votes near the end.

    Just FYI, it would be really helpful if you’d put a cut just before the pictures, so it doesn’t take 3 hours to scroll through our subscriptions page. Plus I bet people at work, in public, or with people behind them would appreciate it. :P

  2. Okay, I’m going to go ahead and do this in case I’m not able to tomorrow, or I forget.  I’m assuming this is pretty much all that will be entering, so unless an incredibly hot-ass chick enters between now and tomorrow, these are my final votes:


    11, 5, and 12

    They were all amazing!  Even with the categories, picking a favorite was super hard!

  3. would you mind at least separating the male and female ass, so that we’re not perusing female butts and then suddenly get ambushed by guy C? :P

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