Xanga Booty Contest 2011 – Voting and Accepting Entries

The third annual Xanga booty contest.

Ok, it’s that time again.

Rules this year are simple.

1. Men or Women over the age of 18 may enter.
2. Men and women will be judged separately.
3. Pictures or video (that’s right VIDEO is accepted this year) can be clothed, undies or nude. (nude usually wins the crowd)
4. Each person get’s one vote for male and one for female.
5. You must submit your username with your picture or video and tell me if you want me to display it if you win. I don’t disclose usernames unless you win.

You may submit a single picture OR video.
Please no videos longer than 30 seconds.

To submit a picture send me a link or the picture itself to roxics@gmail.com
To submit a video, please upload it to youtube and mark it as UNLISTED
(unlisted means no one can see it unless they have the link to it, so that keeps it away from all the regular youtube vultures. )

Final Deadline: Friday July 29 (8 days from now) EDIT – I’ve extended the contest a week longer.
So rec the shit out of this

Like last year, this is a rolling contest, which means I will post them as they come in. You can save your vote till the end of vote early. But you can’t change your vote. If you enter early you’ll get more exposure and possibly more votes. If you enter late you get to see what your competition is but possibly less votes.

Links to previous contests:
2009 Xanga Booty Contest
2010 Xanga Booty Contest


Guy A

Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3

Girl 4

Girl 5


0 thoughts on “Xanga Booty Contest 2011 – Voting and Accepting Entries

  1. Clothed, undies or nude? I was thinking of sending one or two of those. Luckily, I have one of each that I can send off. (assuming that you allow multiple joins of the contest?)

  2. @mynameisblueskye –  last year we did one for each, but this year I’m trying to keep it simple. People got confused last year. So just one picture OR one video. Hint: You can start clothed in a video and go nude. ;)

  3. @sonychak – It’s actually past that time. The last two years it happened in March. This year I’m a little late. But at least people have their summer booty’s out now. :)

  4. What’s……………..oooooooooooooooooooooh………. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii remember someone asking me “which pic to submit” a loooooong while back. Ahahaha… Nice. This’ll bring some traffic :P

  5. you know. i just did one of these IRL today. and My ass totally should have won >< just because of that. I may take a picture tomorrow to show you why I should have one. a series of three lol

  6. There was no contest last year huh? Cuz I remember 2009’s I think and thought it was the second one…but not sure.  Anyway good luck to everyone who enters.

  7. @firetyger – …and everyone else on the streets who watch you walk by. ;) We are community us humans. The human body cannot be hidden no matter how hard we try. Nature wants us to notice each other.

  8. @TheTheologiansCafe –  Sometimes I wonder if I’m being hoodwinked and some girls are just submitting pictures they find online. Other times I’m seeing these pictures and just saying to myself “damn is xanga a treasure trove of fine-ness.”

  9. @TheTheologiansCafe – True, but in my opinion, it is not just the photographer at work here.  Any one can take a great photo and turn it into something 100% better.  Also, I think roxics’s idea for this booty contest isn’t about “who can take/find a good photo of an ass”.  When a person wins this contest, they should get some self confidence as a reward, and if the photo is just taken from somewhere off the internet, then they don’t get self confidence because it isn’t their real butt.  

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