Xanga Booty Contest

Xanga is filled is all kinds of great intellectual and emotional posts. But every so often we have to have a little fun.

Enter the first ever (as far as I know) Xanga Booty Contest.

This is your chance to show your fellow xangans that you have the best booty!

Entry and Rules:
This is pretty simple. Email roxics@gmail with your xanga username and a picture of your booty before 11:59PM EST on Friday March 27th.
Alternatively you can post the image up on your own xanga blog and just link me to it, if you prefer.

Pictures can be nude, clothed or in your undies. It just needs to be a nice close up of your booty without anything else showing.
One booty per picture. We don’t want to confuse people on what booty the are voting for. lol

This contest is open to guys and girls. Depending on how many images I get from guys or girls I may split the contest up between genders or just do a general contest for both.

Voting will be done by everyone in the comments of the gallery post that will appear Saturday March 28th. If we get a tie, I will ask a random xangan who hasn’t yet voted to break the tie.

I haven’t ever asked you to rec my posts before, but please rec this one to spread the word as much as possible and get the most entries.

(roxics in drag, example, not an actual entry)

I think what I’m going to do is post up everyone’s pictures in the voting gallery on Saturday without anyone’s username’s attached to them. I’ll just put a number next to them. Then you vote with the numbers. I think this will work out best because then people are voting based on bootyliousness rather then any other type of favoritism, ect.  Once the voting is completed I will repost the entry with the usernames next to the images. Unless you tell me not to attach your usnername. That would be good for people who want to post a picture but want to do it anonymously. What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Xanga Booty Contest

  1. When I first viewed this entry it was on my phone, and when I saw the picture, I couldn’t differentiate between your skin and the pink ass-part of the panties. They looked like an odd type of assless underwear. Now, bigger, the picture makes more sense.

  2. @lonelywanderer2 - With enough submissions from guys there will be a guys and girls voting. So maybe next to the females you don’t stand a chance, but next to the other guys I’m sure it’s not that bad. lol

  3. If that’s you in drag, you look awefully comfortable…like dressing in drag is a common occurance for you. Is this more about you coming out of the closet rather than seeing a bunch of chick’s asses?

  4. @KyohakuMegami - Check your messages.

    @roxics – Help extended.  This is a great idea.  I, at one point, had the idea to get pics of myself with random flashing people, but that kind of died out.  I should try and get that one going again….

  5. @ProfessorTom - I’m an eccentric guy. I don’t dress in drag typically, but my comfort level with this kind of thing is also pretty high. Most people who have read my xanga for a while get the drift that I’m a bisexual, eccentric, liberal, artist type. I haven’t been hiding anything. But wearing panties and taking photos of myself isn’t typical of me. :)

  6. @roxics - I’m really interested to see how many people enter. I know I’m not. haha I have no rear whatsoever. Everyone would be like “Wait… I thought this was supposed to be a picture of a booty… thats just someone’s BACK…” ;)

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