Would you go back and tell your younger self to make a different choice?

Something that would change your life by correcting a mistake you made. Even if it meant undoing the good things that came about after that mistake?

I often wondered that about myself. Had I the ability to go back and tell my younger self one thing that would make my life different. It couldn’t be something trivial like winning lottery numbers. That’s not an option. It would have to be an alternative choice to an action you had at the time. Like breaking up with someone or not. Undoing something you did. To go in one direction rather than another. You would not be allowed to give details. You would only be allowed to come back and advise about one thing. Be stern and say “When it comes time for this, go this direction and not the other.” Something like that.

I’ve thought about this more times than I can count. But in the end, I don’t think I would go back and try to influence a choice or action. Still I wonder how my life would have been different if I could.

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0 thoughts on “Would you go back and tell your younger self to make a different choice?

  1. Work out more. I don’t think that would impact my life aside from feeling healthier. I wouldn’t do anything drastic like save old relationships. 

  2. No. The only thing I might even really think about telling myself would be “work harder” but then I think about how unpleasant hard work is and I… decide I’m better off not doing that. 

  3. I would tell myself to make a lot different choices that I have had plenty enough time to think about.  There is a lot of good advice I think I could give my younger self ( hmm I wonder how far back I would go to tell a younger version me this good advice).

  4. @roxics – My younger self would listen b/c my advice would be right on point and i was a kid that enjoyed being around adults. so yes he would (maybe not follow all of my advice, but he would listen)

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