Would you buy an Apple Tablet?

This post will be more relevant tomorrow at 2PM eastern time. But (nearly-confirmed) rumors are flying about an Apple tablet based on the iPhone OS being announced tomorrow. It’s said to be a 10 inch touch screen device that will have content deals with book publishers that will allow you to buy books and textbooks for it. The price is rumored to be anywhere from $500-1000 for the tablet.

So lets pretend this is real since it’s nearly confirmed here (link). I guess the question to you college folks is, would you buy a device like this instead of college textbooks? Consider that e-textbooks will probably be cheaper if not (illegally free) and you will likely be able to do more things with the tablet, including use many of the over 100,000 apps in the Apple App store, browse the web, listen to music, watch movies and so on.

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  1. I’ve been awaiting Apple to finally announce it! I’ve been looking at ebook readers lately but once I heard that Apple had one in the works I decided to wait to see what they bring to the table. 

  2. @TornadoChaser@momaroo – Understandable, e-book readers have never really personally excited me much. I think the e-ink screens are cool but the fact that they lack full color and full speed for video playback really only makes them good for reading (which is what they are intended for). But if I could get a 10″ multi-touch full color tablet, that would be worth so much more to me. But I’m also someone who doesn’t complain about reading off of a regular computer LCD screen. As far as I’m concerned most of what I read is on a computer screen anyway (the internet) so having a fancy but extremely limited e-reader is pointless but having an Apple tablet wouldn’t be.

  3. as a college student, I think I’d like the idea of cheaper textbooks, since books alone this semester cost me 400+ bucks… but personally, I don’t like reading things from a screen… I remember someone posted a really long blog and I printed it to read it because scrolling and reading bugs me… lol… I like my books in book form… but if the books were free… then I’d reconsider it.

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