Women sexing it up

I have a question. Why is it that women always tend to sex things up? (I’ll answer my own question below) Take for example a comic con where people dress up in costume. It’s called cosplay for anyone not in the know. It’s understandable that many female characters in comics wear tight spandex outfits that make them look all sexy. Why is it understandable? Because in most comic books, the male characters are also often found in tight spandex suits showing off their big muscles and bodies.

But there are the other characters that aren’t meant to look sexy, usually male characters. Sometimes you get women dressing up as these male characters and when they do, they sometimes (a lot of times) add a spin to it by sexing it up. Either adding tights and short skirts or showing more skin or whatever else might make the character look more sexy.

Take for example:

I don’t want to complain (and I’m not) because I’m a guy and I like women looking sexy. But what I don’t like is how women come back and say things like:

“we aren’t objects for your personal sexual satisfaction”
Or when they get upset that their boyfriend is looking at other women.

It seems perfectly clear to me that women have sex on the brain just as much as men. Just in a different way. Their version of sex on the brain is less about being the spectator (like men are) and more about being the spectacle itself. Which is why some of them get angry if their boyfriend/husband decides to watch a different spectacle. Essentially women are asking for it, even though they complain they don’t like it. That’s why they buy tight clothing, wear makeup, spend hours doing their hair and own fifty billion pairs of shoes. They want to look sexy, even when they dress up in costume as characters that aren’t supposed to be sexy. That whole “it makes me feel good” or “I’m doing it for myself” excuse isn’t totally wrong. They are doing for themselves and it does make them feel good, because other people (men and women) notice them more.

I just wish we would all be more honest about this. If you want men to treat you less as sex objects and your boyfriends to stop staring at other women, then you need to come together and decide to stop pushing sexy everywhere you go. Personally though, I think it would just be easier for you to stop complaining about it and let me enjoy the show.

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  1. I’m officially a nerd.

    I went through all of these costumes and kept thinking “wow, that is so inaccurate…”  Especially the star trek ones, since the ladies on Star Trek HAD uniforms, and I actually think they were more attractive than those dresses.  7 of 9 made that blazer ROCK!

  2. It just reminds me of my friend. She seriously has DDD? F? Some massive boobs. I don’t know what size they are. But she only wears low cut shirts. Then the other say she was getting offended that people were staring at her. It’s like- okay- I understand it might be offensive but you’ve got to accept the part you’re playing in it as well. Guys shouldn’t be staring but you know you should prepare yourself for the fact that they’re likely going to. 

  3. As a woman, I have to completely agree.  I think it’s terrible that women bitch about guys looking at other women or thinking of us as sex objects.  We do it too, so we have no right to bitch!  Especially if a guy is just looking.  God, take is as a compliment that he thinks you’re good looking!

    Honestly, I think women use it as an excuse to brag to their friends that a guy was checking them out :)  You know, like “OMG Katie can you believe this?  I was at the mall yesterday and this guy was totally staring at my tits!  He was practically drooling down the front of his shirt!”  *LOL*

  4. @untainted_love_for_her –  The Mad hatter never wears a dress. So if dressing as that character why try to make it feminine by turning it into a dress and adding tights? As for the star trek, you might be right, I’m not a star trek fan. These pictures aside my point still remains.

  5. @roxics – Well, I presume she made it a skirt because she’s cosplaying as a female Mad Hatter, who might reasonably be expected to wear a skirt.
    Actually I didn’t even realize it was a skirt from the picture, I thought it was shorts, and knee breeches would strike me as a very suitably Victorian look for the Mad Hatter.
    Your point does stand otherwise.

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