Women don’t care about technology…

.. like men do.

Us guys will go on and on about cars and computers and cell phones and what have you.

The only technology I ever hear women speak up on are cameras and vibrators. Oh and cell phones. But probably because they have cameras and vibrators on them. :D

No actually women seem to get most excited about cell phones. I don’t know why (out of all the technology out there) they are most excited about cell phones. Actually I think I do. Women are all about relationships. I’m not talking just about romantic relationships but people in general. Considering that cell phones are communication devices between people, I guess that makes sense. But I’m always shocked as shit when I hear a girl talking about web coding or space exploration or robotics or cars or any kind of technology that is super cool but doesn’t deal necessarily with relationships.

I guess this is just the difference in the nature between men and women. Like I’ve always said, men build the world, women populate it.

But there are those coveted geek girls out there. I’m not talking about the ones that are geek as a fashion statement. I’m talking about the ones that are geeks like guys. The ones that talk about and use technology in non girly ways.

Veronica Belmont
is one of those geeky girls that I could probably talk to for hours about science and technology among other things. And she’s hot to boot!
She’s just one example. There are plenty of others out there. I just wish it was a little more common even with nice software like accessibility plugins sometimes its ok to just let things go in tech!

But I’ll admit. Xanga does get a little annoying. My feed tends to be the same generic subject over and over again. Relationships/sex/politics/religion/what girls or guys should/n’t do… repeat. Of course some of those get turned into contests… repeat.

Nobody ever seems to get really niche about a subject other than THOSE subjects. I notice that morning radio shows seem to follow the same format. My guess is that these are just generic subjects that can interest guys and girls alike. That’s why we see so much of it.

So I’m going to go out on a limb and ask, what other websites do you visit? I’m talking sites that have a certain niche appeal.

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  1. I visit Sky and Telescope, business websites, stuff on SEO, google analytics etc,  food sites, pro photo sites, US patent office…and music related sites….and on occasion sports pages

  2. You’re probably right. I mean, it sounds sexist, but I think you’re right. I love my laptop, my cell phone, my camera, and I can appreciate the beauty of a flat-screen TV, but I don’t know any women who quote specs the way that men do. I love my camera, but I don’t know how many megapixels it has. I don’t know how much memory or processing power my computer has. If I got a new car, I wouldn’t know anything about it except how much it cost and how to drive it. But guys I know will just go on and on about stuff like that, almost like a competition with each other.

    I probably spend most of my online time on pop-culture websites. My bookmarks, aside from facebook, xanga, and my email, are comics – webcomics and traditional “newspaper” comics and a couple of sites that discuss them. I also like the avclub and a couple of other generalized commentary websites. And lately I’ve been watching some old TV shows on Hulu. But that’s about it.

  3. I love my camera and vibratorS I hate cell phones because most people that constantly use them are rude assholes, who are so distracted by their cell phones that they always tell whoever that is physically in front of them to “hold on, wait a sec! I got a call.” then I can hear the person blabbing about gossip shit. most guys that I know are obsessed with cars and/or video games. I have crushes on matt lauer, charlie kaufman and dennis miller. they are intelligent, funny, witty and creative men old enough to be my dad lol the guys that I talk to mostly have bathroom/fraternity bro humor, which isn’t that funny and rather boring. I enjoy humorous sites and reading-watching psychology related things that explain the who,what,when,where,how of the mind or basically investigative journalism. I don’t have favorites. I just search for criminal psychology or random funny things.

  4. I pretty much open my netbook, open a tab for Facebook, a tab for Xanga, and a tab for Pandora, and am done for the day. I’ll leave it open while I do other things, such as homework, or reading.

    I’ve recently bookmarked a few pages on learning C++ though… Programming is so much fun. It’s a great distraction too. 

  5. I agree.   As a woman, it gets a little sickening some time. But I think it’s more about education and social expectations than genetic makeup.
    My last (dumped) boyfriend got very uncomfortable when I engaged him in discussions about finance, economics, international debt and policy. He was knowledgable enough, he just didn’t know how to deal with a woman at that level, because for him women, like is ex, are there to admire, look beautiful, and care for children and home.

  6. @MangoWOW – Web comics are certainly great. :)

    @Ghostgirl15 – Yeah that’s a cool site for things like that.

    @macphoto – Quit being so cool! :D

    @leaflesstree – And there is nothing wrong with it. It does seem to be a key difference between most men and most women.

    @aqua_aiko – Well you’re certainly right. Not all guys are necessarily like this. Personally what I don’t like are the guys that obviously know something, but they pretend they don’t because they don’t want to come off sounding to geeky. It’s as if being intelligent is uncool. But that’s just not true.

    @Escapists – I’m trying to learn PHP and MySQL. It’s tough, but I can definitely see where it would be rewarding.

    @BohemianLotus – Awesome to hear. Rock on with your bad self. I think it’s great when a woman knows how to build/fix a computer or car or rocketship or whatever.

    @nyfemme – I do question whether it is nature of nurture or a combination of both. But then I question that about a lot of things. The only thing that points me to the idea that it might be nature more than nurture is a blog I read once from a transgender guy to girl where they said that when they were a guy they used to be really interested in stereo systems and cars and how things worked, but after hormone replacement therapy they began to stop caring about such things. So may it’s a hormonal thing. But on the other hand reading Veronica Belmont’s blog she mentioned she was a tomboy growing up and her parents encouraged science and technology. So I don’t know.

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