Why Women Still Aren’t Funny

Do you agree with him or no?

I can see his point of view when it comes to the necessity to be funny. As he states men have more of a requirement to make a girl laugh then a girl does to make a guy laugh.

Women like a guy that can make them laugh. Women are automatically a little defensive when they first meet a guy. To help let their guard down and ease them into liking the guy more, it’s important that a man can make her laugh. It gives them a more positive point of view on the guy. He doesn’t need to be a comedian, but he needs to at least have a sense of comedic wit and / or sarcasm. Something that will get a laugh out of her or make her giggle.

That’s not so true of men. As Hitchens says, men are already attracted to her based on her looks and actions. If anything, a guy is looking for a girl with a sense of humor that matches the kind of humor he can let off. A sense of humor is not the same thing as the ability to make guys laugh.

A sense of humor is more like taking it in, laughing at something. Whereas making her laugh is more like putting it out. In a way it sort of represents the sexual roles that males and females play. Men put it out and women take it in.

That said many women have made me laugh and there are several female comedians I find funny. But he’s right. That’s not something I look for in a female. A female that acts more like a comedian does have a certain sense of masculinity to them. I’ve never said to myself “she’s funny, I’m so attracted to her”. Looking back I’ve never been attracted to any of the female comedians I’ve seen. If I was, it wasn’t because they were funny, it was because they were good looking.

So I think to some degree he’s right. Even though the headline doesn’t really fit, since some women really are funny. 

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  1. Have you ever been attracted to anyone who wasn’t good looking though? Of course guys only see girl-comedians as bonuses, not attractors, because they only go for looks (initially).

  2. @RedheadAblaze – I’ll put it to you this way. If you weren’t as good looking, they would be less inclined. But it also depends on how funny you are. Usually we’re just happy that you’re happy.

  3. @RedheadAblaze – No it’s not so much a pity laugh. If a guy is attracted to you and you aren’t that funny, chances are he’ll be laughing because he thinks it’s cute the way you tell a joke or how amused you are at doing it. So it’s genuine, just not for all the same reasons. Then again you could actually be pretty funny, in which case he’s laughing at what you said.

  4. After the initial attraction and a relationship starts to brew, would you be less inclined to find a woman “funny” or more inclined?  Personally, if I were a guy, I would want her to be a little funny.  How boring it would be if a women couldn’t make her man laugh…

  5. I would also add that most guys are never attracted to a girl who is intellectually superior to them, and humor is a sign of intellectual superiority. I’m talking about quips not slapstick; humor of the tongue not the body. Also, laughing at a joke, in a way, is recognition that the other person ran a circle around your mind (because the best jokes usually do that). It’s why I often stifle laughter when it involves my older brother–we’re competitive like that. I can’t show that he one-upped me.

    I could stretch that out and make it into an essay… nah.

  6. I don’t think any of the ladies they interviewed were really that funny anyway. Silverman is just obnoxious.  Poehler and even Tina Fey, I just can’t stand.  I think women can be funny, but none of those women are exactly the examples Vanity Fair should have used.s

  7. @Ailean – Agreed. Poehler and Fey have that goofy funny thing. I’m usually laughing at them and not their jokes.

    I think it’s an interesting thought though. I’ve seen guys nearly fall over laughing when they’re talking to an attractive girl even when she knows what she said wasn’t that funny. I think it works with both genders though. I have a massive crush on Jack Black, but I don’t think he’s very funny. Would I laugh at his jokes? Yes. Would I mean it? Probably not. Ha.
    Moral of the story? Attractive people aren’t funny. Ever. ;)

  8. @Btrfly_Wngs – Lol, that’s one the funniest things I’ve heard all day. Why would you have a crush on Jack Black but not think he’s funny? It’s not like he’s even remotely good looking. I would have totally expected to hear the opposite.

    Sorry not trying to be offensive or anything. That one just took me for a loop.

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