Why the gay lisp?

I don’t get it. Really I don’t. What’s wrong with someone just being gay, why do the whole voice changing thing? I can understand if someone is a transgender male to female wanting to sound more like a female to fit their new body and appearance. But I don’t get the whole gay lisp.

I know this isn’t true of all gay guys. I’ve met many gay guys in my lifetime and less then half of them spoke with the lisp. Honestly I have a hard time respecting gay guys that do have that lisp thing going on. I mean I can totally understand a guy wanting to sleep another guy. I get that. I just don’t get why you would suddenly want to talk a certain way and act all flamboyant.

I’m all for people being who they want to be. I just don’t get the appeal of this certain thing. It’s like they want to push the fact that they are gay. I’m not even sure I’d have as big of a problem with it if it wasn’t for the fact that most of those types act all snooty and superior to regular guys. Making comments about your waredrobe and hair style and everything else.

I once had one of these types as my hair dresser and he made a comment about my chest hair. Yeah well I’m not a big fan of it either, but the women I’ve been with seem to like it, so what’s the problem dude?

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  1. I agree, it can be over the top.  However as a female, I think it’s hilarious.  It makes me laugh.  Most of the gay guy friends I’ve had had the “gay lisp”.  It was so fun! 

  2. I have to say that I understand where you are coming from here…. it seems like some want to act superior to straight men…. or any man in general.

    I once had a career as a hairstylist, but I gave that up for psychology. In New York, there are upscale salons. I wanted to see what one looked like, so I went in just to see. Of course, at the time, my hair was shorter and spiked…. pretty out there. Black and whatnot.

    I was not over the top that day, but a little gay man came up to me and asked me what I was looking for. I replied that I was looking around, I wanted to see what this salon looked like — maybe try to get employed in New York if I moved there. To this, he said “Well, you’ve seen it.” And I looked at him and smiled…. before leaving.

    He had the lips as well, and he pulled the whole, leg out to the side arms crossed thing with me. I had simply wanted to look at what the salon looked like…. and nothing more.

    However, I guess that is what makes it in their society….

    I do not support nor flame them, and I do not try to be overly mean and seem like I am homophobic, but I guess they assume. The “scary” appearance catches a lot of hell anyway….

    But he treated me as though I were below him, and judging by a friend of mine visiting the same salon, he treated most people that way. I find it sad, really.

    I wanted to comment on one of your blogs, and thank you for commenting on mine as well. =]

  3. Totally off this topic.  you seem to be a good writer, one with interesting things to say.

    Just letting you know I that I don’t normally sub to a person’s xanga, just because they subed to my site. And I no longer accept friend invites from sites I don’t plan on reading. It just clutters the in box. But I like your site so thank you for helping me find it.

    One question, why did you come to my site from a comment that I totally butchered?

    And I don’t know if you noticed yet, but we tend to not agree on a lot of things having nothing to do with rim jobs

  4. @trunthepaige – You mentioned Richard Dawkins in your comment and it caught my eye. I subscribed to you so I could read some of your stuff. But I hadn’t got to reading any of it yet. That’s why I haven’t commented on any of it yet. Though I’m sure I will.

    Not agreeing is ok with me. :) If I agreed with everyone I don’t think I’d be anywhere. Surrounding myself with only people that agree with me would also be boring and mind numbing.

    Thanks for the compliment and the subscription. I hope I continue to write stuff you enjoy reading.


  5. yeah i think it’s odd too.  a few of my high school friends came out during college, and they all turned into really flamboyant “gurlfraynd” dudes… which was really weird because they never really acted like that before they came out.  it made me wonder if they were faking the over-the-top “gay talk” or if they wanted to act that way the whole time and felt social pressure to conform to how we view straight men should act.  or maybe, if they started acting that way so they could instead conform to the gay community.

    but i guess what makes the biggest deal is how they feel now.  if it’s fake and empty, then that sucks.  if they’re flamboyant now and they like how they are, then right on?

  6. I once asked a gay guy why he had the accent, but he said that he had it his entire life. Then he ‘searched himself’ and realized that it all had to do with syllables and stuff. But whatever, I think the accent is really stupid/annoying. I still don’t know if they use that accent to let girls know that they are playing for the other tean or of they really are just born with it..

    Really cool blogs, by the way. you write about a lot of the same things that I wonder about.. :]

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