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  1. @SasGal – Are you saying they don’t want us to see alien vagina?

    @NikBv – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen non-humanoid alien genitals. 

    @firetyger – Pervs in that they only want to see non-humanoid nakedness and not humanoid nakedness? That is perverted. I agree. 

    @pinktiger335 – I’m sick of people whining and complaining about nakedness. I’m sure there are just as many people who would not whine and complain but are apparently less vocal. 

  2. @roxics – I am saying, they don’t know how to portray alien sex organs when the aliens look like us.  If they make them too perfect, it will induce that many more alien fetishes.  If they are are too grotesque, people may have a hard time relating or liking that humanoid alien character.  If they are non humanoid aliens, they can pretend the sex organs don’t exist outside of the body at all.  

  3. @roxics – lol, I meant that it was pervy to want to see anyone naked like that all the time…that it is somehow “less wrong” if they’re non-humanoid.  I say that though because of how sexualized our society is.  I’m sure that if I lived in a South American tribe, I wouldn’t really care about being naked since that’s how they dress.

    Cultural perceptions.  It’s an interesting thing.

  4. @pinktiger335 – Definitely not shameful. This idea has to go. 

    @firetyger – I don’t think people running around naked all the time would be that great. I don’t think it’s perverted at all. I do think it should be accepted in certain places. But overall, clothing is good. 

  5. @roxics – I don’t mean that the people running around naked are the pervs…it’s the people who want to drool over watching them that I consider pervs.  And I agree, clothing is a good thing.

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