0 thoughts on “Why are there so many Christians on Xanga?

  1. Deist but I’ll support your cause.  I don’t know but I lived around Chicago all my life and never really saw too many “obvious” christians.  I move down here to Georgia and boom, i drop a gd and I have people threatening to kill me.

  2. I think possibly that because Xanga is a cleaner site and are various ways of resticting things that may be offensive to others on here. Unlike, Myspace and such. So Christians I believe gather a bit in places they feel safer.

    I’m not an Atheist, but nor am I Christian.

    =] Have a wonderful day!

  3. *waves*

    Well, I suppose agnostic would be more appropriate for me. But I see the Christians. I see them a lot. Probably because I write about how much religion sucks all the time… and how awesome premarital sex is…

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