Who is luckier – Men or Women?

Lets examine some key differences.

Often get paid more
Don’t have to give birth
Don’t have that time of the month
Are often physically stronger
Don’t have to deal with crying fits due to emotions
Don’t get stared at like pieces of meat (though we wouldn’t mind more often)
Can piss standing up or sitting down (but the trade off is mastering the “lean” when you’ve got a hard on)
Can father kids into old age

Can get sex easier
Can have sex with other women without being called as lesbo
Can wear dresses or pants
Can wear makeup or go without
Are usually better looking
Can get free drinks at the bar with the right attitude
Can get away with both tough and weak
Can have multiple orgasms and more sensation down there
Find chocolate more enjoyable
Live longer
Keep their hair into old age

If you have any more to add, please do. But a vote would be good. :)

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0 thoughts on “Who is luckier – Men or Women?

  1. The period and giving birth should be worth 2 points each, and you forgot the dreaded “m” word (menopause) for women, so I’m going to say men have it easier. And I’ve known men who have multiple orgasms during sex, so its not exclusive to women. And not all women can get sex easier. The ones who don’t care or don’t have standards might, but a majority of your reading population probably doesn’t fall into that category. So ummm, yea. I still say men have it easier.

  2. @Carolina17 – @immortalwithout – There is no call for being subtle. You’re doing it wrong if we don’t know about it. How are we supposed to know you’re interested then?

    @TheSeventhRhapsody – I don’t know. I never had a girl I didn’t already know buy me a beer at bar. I think if it does happen, it’s pretty rare.

    @jupiter312 – Good one. Very true. Though I think that’s more societies mindset then actual fact.

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