When is Xanga going to fix itself?

Xanga doesn’t work very well in Chrome or Safari. It’s a shame really. Chrome is turning out to be the best browser for the desktop. At least if you look at it from a speed/html5 perspective. Both chrome and Safari are built on webkit, which also powers popular mobile browsers like Safari on the iPhone/iPod/iPad and the Android browsers in Android phones and devices.

I’d really like to see Xanga improve support for these browsers. Whenever I reply using my iPhone I often have to use HTML mode in the reply box. It’s a bit cumbersome and awkward.

I understand this is a big site with a lot of users and making sure there is compatibility between multiple browsers is no easy task. But I’m hoping the Xanga development team is already working on such a thing. Some nifty HTML5 features would be a bonus. Just saying. ;)

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  1. @roxics – Hell yea, I was watching it with my girlfriend like “IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING. HOLY SHIT”. It leaves nothing left for a second season though :( the screen writers will have to be VERY creative.

  2. it’ll be fixed when xanga gets more revenue possibly from advertising apple products and giving away free promotional items to xanga users, especially me=P

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