What Social Networks Have Taught Me

As I have recently helped layout part of a social network for a client which will debut in a month and as I am currently laying out a social network of my own. I’d like to share some things I have learned about social networks in my time on the internet.

Friendster and Orkut:: That the rest of the world likes social networks too. Just not social networks filled with dirty Americans.

LiveJournal: That people like to share their journals with other people and cause a lot of drama in the process.

Myspace: A social network designed to teach you how to highlight text so you can read it and give you seizures at the same time. Also that if you’re really really lucky, you might just get a date. Why am I not in your top friends anymore Tom?

Facebook: The antisocial social network. Where you need to be friends with someone before you can know anything about them.

MyMiniLife: That social networks don’t just have to be about pictures, comments and status updates. They can be sim city games too.

Okcupid: That dating sites are better as quiz sites then dating sites.

PlentyOfFish: That even free dating sites don’t get you any dates.

DeviantArt: That art and social networking go great together. So long as the art includes lots of nudity and hand drawn pictures of furries.

Flickr: People like drawing lots of boxes on small pictures.

Twitter: I’m updating my xanga blog. Now I’m taking a crap. Now I’m cooking dinner. Check out this cool pic. Hey look at me. Look at me. Oh crap I’m running out of charac..

Xanga: That there are girls on the internet that will actually talk to you.  


0 thoughts on “What Social Networks Have Taught Me

  1. Lovely! I learn about myminilife ;) Xanga=for the win! That and facebook being the anit-social just made me laugh :)

    Thanks for writing this treasure!

  2. @trunthepaige – I think the real problem would come from the word getting out when all of the articulate guys were lost amongst the cacophony of pointless dribble from guys who don’t have much use for conversation/thought. (harsh?)

    I agree with just about all of those completely.

    I started xanga years ago and I just like the layout of it. I could be glancing around and meet a whole new group of people from allover just based on something interesting they wrote. (like right now)

    myspace is annoying. you meet someone once, they stalk you through mutual friends and then they get on your case for not adding them next time you see them in person. what is that? I don’t know, it just seems like a place where everyone has to know and be able to announce everything to everyone and nothing important is ever said.

    twitter? no. nothing more to be said.

    I’m interested to see what kind of features, styles, networking, and overall usability your site has. definitely keep us in the know.

  3. Wow that is an insight! Totally agreed! But I don’t know if you actually get a lot of girls talk to you in xanga.. lol as surely no guys talking to me in xanga or hardly read my journal

  4. What a humouristic view on these popular sites!  lol  I like ’em.  And I guess that the Xanga one applies to me then, ey?

  5. @Mr_Gnome – You are right. If word got out, the morons would come and ruin it all. The reason girls are friendly and welcoming here, is because this is not a meat market full of idiots. The men on xanga come here to read and write, that weeds out a lot of the idiots. Not all of them but most

  6. Hey!!
    I read your post, and even though I’ve never used most of them, Facebook was the one that gave me bad experiences. It sucks when you have to be someone’s friend in order to meet them, so I agree with you there.
    About Xanga, I haven’t had much luck finding members for my Christian group and most of the blogs I’ve commented on are girls. I’m not looking for a relationship, just friends that believe in God and want to share the same interests as one another.
    It’s a Yahoo! Group, but if I did this on Facebook or sites like that, all I’ll get are spammers trying to sell me something or check out their porn sites. I don’t fall for that BS.

    You sound like a good person, so as a man of God, I’m inviting you to join my Christian group. If you’d like to take a look and maybe join, here’s the link:

    Clawbert’s Clan – http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClawbertsSocietyOfFriends/

    Take Care, and God Bless,

  7. @ScarletSniper – I think you’d have a lot better luck if you started the group here on Xanga. Those yahoo groups are pretty cheesy. Like for instance you can just start a blog and allow other to submit entries. Believe me you’ll have no shortage trying to find Christians here, the place is filled with them. I’ve never seen so many on one website. Not even on actual christian websites. lol. I almost put that as part of my xanga description

    But no I’m not a Christian. I’m a sort of deist. I just can’t find the logic in alot of christianity anymore.

  8. I prefer Xanga’s relative anonymity compared to Facebook. Facebook is for all the people I know in the real world. Xanga is where, among other things, I vent the stuff I don’t want my mother’s friends reading, a more open kind of online life.

  9. oh man that was good…it cracked me up :] especially the myspace one…hahahaaaaaa oh i hate twitter!!!

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