What is Guy’s night?

Guys night is a night where you get together with your buddies, you go out to a bar or club to either watch a game or people watch. It’s an excuse to have some beers and not feel guilty about standing around checking out the fine ladies and making comments to your friends about them.
You don’t do anything. You’re not out to cheat. It’s just fun to hang out, get a little tipsy and not feel like you have to pay all your attention to your girlfriend/wife. It’s the freedom to look and comment with your buddies without the fear that your girlfriend/wife is watching you and going to get pissed about you checking out other women and making comments about them.

That’s really all it is.

I would imagine that girl’s night is the same. Which is cool. So long as both genders know their boundaries. It’s innocent fun.

I feel bad for my girlfriend though. The last couple of time she’s tried to have a girls night with her girlfriends, they turned into one of her girlfriends saying “hey lets meet up with this group of guy’s I know.”

Last time it was her girlfriend dragging her and her other friend all over the place trying to find this guys band who she was interested in. Basically her girlfriend was into this guy and his band was playing somewhere and they couldn’t find where. The shitty thing is, her girlfriend already has a boyfriend. A guy she’s been with for four years who she is basically mentally cheating on with this other guy in this band she’s interested in.
So my girlfriend was just expecting to go out with the girls, have dinner, grab some drinks and talk. But instead her night consisted of being dragged around from one place to other trying to find this group of guys in a band who were playing somewhere. Let’s just say she didn’t have a ton of fun.

Basically my girlfriend was like ‘hey I’ve got a boyfriend, I don’t want to go meet some other group of guys you know.” You shouldn’t want to either because you have a boyfriend as well. What would he think if he found out you were going all over the place trying to meet up with this guy in a band?

Personally I wasn’t happy about it either. If fact I’ll be honest, I got mad. To me it’s like, hey, if you want to have a girls night, cool. Go for it. But if you’re going to meet up with some group of guys, that’s not girls night anymore. That’s “let’s go out with guys that are not our boyfriends night.” Which to me is not cool. That’s like one step away from cheating.

I mean how would you like it if I said, hey babe, I’m going out with the guys tonight, we’re going to go meet up with this group of girls we know. But you’re not allowed to come because it’s “guy’s night.”

Obviously it wasn’t girlfriends fault. But I was pissed at her friend. Her friend is obviously a cheater and wants to drag my girlfriend into scenarios I wouldn’t be happy about.

Fast forward to tonight. My girlfriend is going out with a different group of girl friends. They planned this about a week ago. I was cool with it. Hey go out and have a good time. But as it turns out her one friend decided they should all go to this bar and hang out there. Where her boyfriends band is playing. Sigh.

I guess originally they were going to go bar hopping and just stop in and say hi to her boyfriend, but the two girls (not my girlfriend) decided it would be better just to hang out at that bar all night instead and see her boyfriend play. This scenario isn’t nearly bad like the last one. At least this girl is going to see her boyfriends band and not some other guys band she’s interested in, like the other girl.

But once again, this isn’t really girls night. It just has (or at least had) the label “girls night” on it. But in this situation my girlfriend invited me to come join them, since it was no longer going to be just a girls night. That’s cool. At least the friends she’s hanging out with tonight have the sense enough to know that when they involve one boyfriend it’s open to involving all boyfriends.

I do feel bad for my girlfriend though. Because she hasn’t really had a “girls night” where it’s just her and her girlfriends without some group of guys they know.

I don’t know though. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe girls night is different then guys night. Maybe there are different expectations and rules. Are girls nights supposed to involve some other group of guy friends and not boyfriends?



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  1. Girls suck.  I completely feel for your girlfriend.   I was never a “group” person, but similar situations often occured —  gettting dumped at the bar for a some guy that happened to show up, or, worse, being cancelled on for a boyfriend when I just expected to have quiet one-on-one time.   It’s not part of your girlfriend’s master plan, she’s just getting f-cked over by her friends.

  2. I think you’re right on the money.  Sounds like that one girl meant “a night without my boyfriend” rather than “a night without boys”.  Other girl a little off too but at least she didn’t have poor intentions.

  3. my girl’s night out consists of going to a dance club with my girls and dancing together while dodging guys that try to dance with us because we like being hit on and have our ego boosted that we rejected them the shady girl chasing the guy from a band around wants to introduce the band member for her 15 mins of fame or to brag that she knows a band member that she knows by association when she said, “hey let’s meet up with a group of guys that I know.” it doesn’t seem like she is cheating, just wants to seem like she is cool that she knows a band member.

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