What can a guy wear to look sexy?

I want to to know. Because it seems like women have plenty of options. Showing a lot of skin, tight clothing, short skirts and so on. So tell me, what can a man wear to look sexy? Link to pictures if you must.

Edit: I posted this before I went to lunch and during lunch I had more thoughts on it. So everything below this edit mark are my expanded thoughts on it. As I had already gotten about seven comments, you’ll have to take teh first seven comments as only responses to my first paragraph above.

Here’s the thing. I’m a little envious of women. They have a lot of various clothing options available to them. When they want to look sexy, they have a lot of directions they can go in. Here are just a few examples:

One piece short dress made of interesting shiny material.

Stripped tights and tight shorts. Or (below) tights and a short skirt.

Tight fitting jeans that really show off the butt and thighs and a form fitting t-shirt.


Pant Suit

This is just barely scrapping the surface. I haven’t even gotten into full womens lingerie stores or the fact that women can wear makeup without being laughed at.

When it comes to men I keep hearing the same three options:

1. A suit (ok, but it shows no skin)
2. Jeans and a t-shirt (pretty simple)
3. Button up shirt and nice jeans (ok, but still it’s doesn’t show a lot of skin and isn’t very tight showing off the body)

Where is the makeup, the tights, the patterns and all the other low cut sexy, skin exposing (I’m a sex object) clothing for men? This is the twenty first century. If women can work mens jobs and even pull off wearing some mens clothing, then men should be able to take sexy back for themselves as well. Women shouldn’t be the only ones who can swing both ways from professional to professional slut without getting laughed at by the opposite sex. Men should be able to get skimpy too and yes that means speedos and other tight skimpy clothing.

Here are some examples of sexy mens clothing in my opinion.

That’s about as far as I can go because really doing a google search for “sexy mens clothing” only gives me guys in button down shirts and underwear. Guys need more options then this? The underwear is fine, but if all most of you can say is a button down shirt and a pair of jeans that show off the ass well, guess what, us guys are in trouble. It’s no wonder guys can’t dress more sexy. But the problem is even bigger then this, we don’t even with what limited supply we have. Most guys don’t dress like the guys in these pictures. They wear loose jeans and a loose t-shirt. Come on guys. Lets sexy it up a little bit.

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  1. As far as the clothes being the sexy part (not the man himself) I think a button up shirt does the trick. A nice, clean, ironed button up shirt that fits well. Not too snug but not too loose either. Then if it’s paired with jeans or some other sort of pants just depends on where you’re going out.

  2. boxers or briefs but definately no speedos, lol!

    seriously though, well fitted shirts- not too baggy or suctioncupped to your body and pants that are trim and show off the rear.

  3. http://media.photobucket.com/image/happy%20trail/AKCowgirl_67/Cowboys/Cowboy04.jpg
    Jeans. shirt unbuttoned. Maybe a cowboy hat.

    Or a flannel shirt with jeans and maybe just a white tank underneath.

    Or Beckham style: White shirts with a pair whitey tighties.

    Haha. This is a joke but: Nipple Rings thingies.

  4. The girl in the picture trumps all the guys. Let’s face it. Women have more beautiful bodies than men, but men have more beautiful “personas.” And voices. And I do like the boxer briefs, mmm.

  5. This guy at my school was walking around in a jersey… Sleeveless, and the top of the armhole landed in exactly the right place to make his arms look really delicious. He had a great body, but it was enhanced bc he was able to show it off in the right (subtle, teasing) way. He had broad, strong shoulders, and narrow hips… He wasn’t beefy (not my type)…just very fit. That was the first time in a really long time that I had to will myself not to stare.

  6. @Kontzicles – See that’s the stereotype I want to break. If a guy wears stuff like that it’s not because he’s gay, it’s because he wants women to think he’s sexy. But if women go around constantly being narrowed minded about what defines sexy for a man, it doesn’t work. Women shouldn’t be the only ones who can wear stuff like this and get away with it. Guys should be able to as well. I mean how would you like it if every time you wore pants instead of a dress I said “she must be a lesbian”?

  7. It’s sad, but true.  Men don’t really have a lot of options.  I like the way it is, though, because all that sexy is hidden away and I have to go digging to find it… hehe 

  8. I really like the Euro look on guys. A perfect example is Jude Law in the movie Alfie. My God, I thought he was delicious in that movie. Euro guys are much more fashion savvy and forward. Of course, they too are for the most part usually covered up. I think the reason that girls prefer their men “less sexy” and more covered is because of what we are looking for in men. Most women want a guy that is going to protect and take care of them as well as smarts and a dash of intellectualism. (Think Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. He was pretty damn sexy. lol.) Men in suits and button down shirts exudes this appeal to us. We like the nice bods but we want to have our cake and eat it too thus we like hot guys with the hot suit that symbolizes smarts and a decent job so we can be taken care of. Women always want to be taken care of to a certain degree, a soft place to land so to speak.  At least that is what I am guessing.  

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