What a year so far!

You know I’ve been so busy lately. I’ve become a serial entrepreneur trying to get three different businesses off the ground. My day job has its ups and downs and so I’ve been trying to root myself into other things. I totally forgot about my annual Xanga booty contest which happens every March for the last two years. Just didn’t happen this year. Part of that is due to everything going on in my life. I just haven’t been on Xanga much. I miss it, I miss all you you guys.

I’ll try to post and read more often, but at this point I can’t promise a lot. 

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  1. Good to see you again! You’re not missing much. This place is the same as usual lol. I hope everything is going well for you. It sounds like you are really busy. Take care!

  2. Hey as long as you stop by we are all good. Good luck on those ventures can not wait to get in on the ground floor so I can say I was there when it first started. 

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