Welcome Back 2007

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this site. The year 2006 pretty much just flew by without me even really taking a look at this website, and 2005 was nearly the same.

Well I don’t plan to avoid this site in 2007. To be honest I’ve been posting a lot but I’ve just been doing it in my Livejournal where I have a captive audience of friends (readers). They read what I write (sometimes) because it’s on their “friends page” along with the entries from their other friends. To that end Livejournal has been a staple to my group of friends for over a half decade now. We all use it to keep up on each others daily/weekly lives. And now that we are spread all over the country it makes even more sense. That’s one of the things I really enjoy about Livejournal, the community aspect. People by nature are kind of greedy or at least require attention. Most people want other people to read their stuff when they write it. But the problem with blogs that exist on private websites is that you usually have to remember to visit that site, and unless it’s really compelling most people don’t. But with Livejournal everyones blogs are in the same place, all interconnected. So viewing your “friends page” will show you updated entries from all your friends without having to visit fifty different websites. Sure blogs can do similar things but you have to be more tech savy and pay for your own hosting.

So with that said why the hell am I even bothering with this website? The answer is simple, I have a sick fascination with stuff like this and even if no one reads it I can still pretend people do.
But my real goal is to hopefully find people who are willing to read. People who have similar fascinations with the world and technology and new ideas about the two. My Livejournal is a combination of a lot of things including my personal life, which I really don’t want to share with the world. But the other part of what I post on my LJ is a lot of technical dribble and concepts that quite frankly all my friends (as nice as they are) really don’t want to read. So I’d like to kind of separate the two for their appropriate audiences.

The Future of this Website
The name of this website has been and will be “Ideas for a New World”. I really like that and it’s going to stick. Eventually I’d like to make this more of a community oriented place where we could have more then just myself writing entries. But I’m a little bit of a control freak so I’m afraid of what other people might write, so I’m going to do this myself for a while to set the tone and then in the future I’ll reconsider the idea.

As for comments. I’ve turned them off a long time ago because of the amount of spam. I’ve upgrade the software to the newest version of wordpress and set some filters so hopefully that will do some good. I may start allowing comments again for newer entries as a trial basis, but considering I just had to delete 1500 spam comments I’m a little hesitant.

So the site is back in working order with new content to come. Happy 2007 to everyone.

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