We are here

I just had an interesting conversation with an old buddy of mine. You know how sometimes when you say something to someone else, you learn it yourself? It’s sort of like you knew it, but you realize something new about it when you actually speak it. Well I had that happen to me.

What I realized is that life is a lot like a stage play we’re all forced to act in. Some of us look off stage into the darkness tryng to see something past the glare of the lights, something outside our life. The bigger picture to everything, the world outside. Yet we are unable to because we are on stage and the lights are shining down on us, blinding us from the audience and the outside world. We are forced to be on stage and we cannot leave.

Yet as some of us sit there trying to look off stage and refusing to act, the play goes on around us. We are there, in a state of curiousity looking outword, forgetting the play and our lines. Meanwhile the other characters dance around us and play their part. They are entertaining and get the applause of the audience while we sit and continue to look off stage seeking to see something beyond.

My old buddy that I spoke with is one of those people looking off stage. I have been there many times myself. But I think I came to terms with the fact that I cannot see off stage. I don’t think he has. I think he is still trying to see something.

This is of course all an allegory to thoughts about the big picture of life and existence. You can spend so much time trying to figure it out that you lose sight of living it. I fall into this trap every so often. It never goes anywhere. All it does it hold you back and when you snap yourself back into life you find you have even more catching up to do. You’ve missed lines you were supposed to say and places you were supposed to be. All because you were trying to see something you couldn’t.

That’s pretty much the way I view life lately. You just need to live it because you have no other choice. Looking beyond for something more is only going to keep you from time better spent playing your role whie you are here. Whatever that role may be.

So it is that I used to think that we… the deep thinkers, were the ones that changed the world. We are, so long as we apply that deep thinking to the practical world around us. The play on stage. But when we apply it only to the philosophy of the unknown, we spin in circles, contemplating the unknown beyond the lights to no real end. The unknown which will be unknown. It doesn’t matter which side we take. All that matters is how we appy it to the practical world around us. If we ever do. Perhaps it is that which the unknown is good for. Not for what really is byond the lights, but for how it is we use it to shape our views of the practical world.

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  1. It’s a balance… I’ve caught glimpses of what lies beyond the shadows and lights, but I try not to get so focused that I don’t fall off of the stage trying to get a better view

  2. This is a really good insight. We should focus on the Act I we are in, and not on what’s offstage. Then again, there is always Act II to look forward to…

  3. Nice essay.  For me with Buddhist leanings, the most important thing for me is to be a witness.  Remember, always, be a witness.  Whether I’m one of the players on the state, or even if I’m just in the audience that day.

  4. This is an excellent illustration of the true nature of our reality. The stage is so small and artificial, but it’s all we can see so we imagine it’s all there is. I suggest there is immense practicality in coming to terms with the much wider, unknowable portion of our existence – that blackness beyond the stage. It’s not just that we can’t see it, it’s that we can’t even use our words to talk about it. That knowledge alone is enough to shake the cruel artifice of socialization, expose it for the charade it is.

  5. That’s an interesting analogy. I never thought of it that way, but it definitely makes sense. I guess the people trying to see off the stage are the scientists, the theologians, the dreamers – whether they’re looking for a god(s), some mystical answer, some scientific reasoning, or just imagining. It’s not a bad thing, but at the same time you have to be in the here and now. 

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