Vote Now! – Xanga Booty Contest

Xanga Booty Contest

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Below you will find the entries. You may pick one number and one letter for your vote. No more then that.

You may make positive comments on any other images you wish, but only positive comments. These guys and girls were brave enough to put themselves out there so I don’t want to see anything negative said about them. If you do your comment will be deleted and your vote will not count.

The image may take a while to load. it is 1MB in size. You may need to click on the image to view its full size in order to see the letters and numbers.The image is 900 pixels wide.

You have 24 hours to vote. Voting will end at 10AM EST tomorrow morning.
Once the voting is over the winners will be announced and I will reveal the usernames of the booties below.

Please Rec this post. Thanks.


0 thoughts on “Vote Now! – Xanga Booty Contest

  1. I think I recognize 1, so I’m gonna have to vote for her, shes very awesome :)

    big ups to number 2, cuz i like that hott i just dont give a fuck attitude.

    and i opt out of voting on any male asses, that’d just be gay, shame on all you guys that voted!! jk lol

  2. you should def do a 2nd contest.  except, have it miss america style…where contestants are eliminated each round and have like 3 rounds.  do like 1 round side view shot.  1 round front view or direct view of the booty (don’t know how else to describe it).  and last round, creative round..let the contestants get creative with their booty….now that would be interesting.  hehee.

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