Twitter – I don’t get it.

I don’t understand the appeal of Twitter. Call me old fashioned. But it just seems like a blogging site for people with ADHD. People who think that everyone else wants to know what they are doing every minute of their lives.

Most other social networks have a twitter-like feature. Here on Xanga they’re called “Pulses”, on Myspace and Facebook it’s called “Status” and so on. I get the appeal of using them on these other social networking sites that have more then just these simple updates. But I just don’t get the appeal of a site by itself that is only these updates. I guess the old saying is true though “Less is more”. As for myself, I expect a little more out of a social network.

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  1. I love Xanga, and I love how we can all come together and discuss ideas, and maybe learn a few things from each other along the way.  *gasp*  But Twitter is one of the more fun things to come along for people just like me who have ADD.  I can read a whole post without fear of becoming distracted halwfay through and loosing my thought flow!  Granted, there’s really not much thought to flow as a result of something that short, but you get what I’m saying.

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