Generally I support transgenderism. I studied up on it for a while. But I have some thoughts going through my head.

Would those that are transgendered be so inclined to change their bodies if society were more accepting of people dressing and acting how they actually feel inside?

Here’s where this thought comes from. If you think about it, the reason a transgendered person wants to change their body is because they identify with the opposite sex. They want to fit in. In the case of males to females it’s not necessarily that they want breasts, although they do. But the desire to want breasts is an example stems from seeing women having breasts, not necessary from some natural chemical need to have breasts.

A further example of this might be a women who has breast cancer and needs to have her breasts removed. She feels a loss because she previously had them and because she suddenly doesn’t feel like she fits in with the rest of the women out there. She doesn’t feel like a whole woman anymore. But she is still a women in her thoughts and actions.

The desire to have the physical body of the opposite sex is really just a desire to fit in. It comes with the desire to be easy identified as the gender you feel you are in your head.

But here’s the twist. If society was accepting of people acting how they feel then it wouldn’t really matter what body you had. You could act how you like and dress how you like.

I guess the point I’m getting at is that people are people. What is male and what is female can cross the lines. Women can act like men at times and vice versa. You are who you are, do you need to change your body to be who you are?

I don’t know, just some scattered thoughts. 


This post was originally written on June 2nd. But I hadn’t completed it until now. So it’s been private until now. I seem to be doing that alot lately. It doesn’t look like I’ve updated much this month but there are about five blog posts I marked as private.

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  1. There are some valid points here, but speaking at least for myself, I can say that (even though that would help somewhat) I would still feel the need to transition physically as well. Like many Transwomen, I frankly hate my current anatomy, to the point that I even find using the bathroom to be difficult because I’m reminded of what I have. So while, yes, it would make me feel a lot better if I was in a society that would allow my to express my feelings on my gender freely, I would still remain less-than-satisfied.
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  2. I always found it interesting that transgenders were lumped in with homosexuals (GLBT rights) because, when you listen, they’re actually saying two contradictory things about how someone’s sexuality should be expressed. Homosexual rhetoric seems to say “It doesn’t matter what kind of body I’m in (we can be married anyway, we can still be a couple, etc.)” whereas transgender rhetoric says, “It matters immensely what kind of body I’m in.”

    So which is it?

  3. Personally, I think the transgender platform is a load of crap. (Sure, be offended!) We are our bodies. You aren’t trapped in a male body, you ARE a male body.

    Blatant self-deception is such a wonderful way to live.

    The homosexual platform makes much more sense to me. “I am a male attracted to males, so, since I can’t change that… how should I proceed?” No one can really change their gender. Homosexuals accept that, and proceed. That’s wonderful.

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