It always amazes me the different tone you get on different websites between people commenting. On some websites people are really caring and I’ve seen people go all out to help each other by sending them stuff they need or helping out in some other way. Then there are websites where people immediately start attacking other people by trying to discredit them or calling them names or just being plain out nasty for no real reason.

I’m not sure why it is or how it is that certain websites establish their tone. I know that sometimes it is due to moderators. But not always.

Facebook and Google both seem to think it has to do with people who are anonymous and by just getting people to use their real name this wil go away. I call BS on that. Because I have seen websites where nearly everyone is anonymous in username and picture yet they are the nicest people in the world to each other. Then I’ve seen other websites that use the facebook commenting system and they get down right terrible with each other, even with their real name and picture attached.

I think reality is a good indicator that real names and faces don’t automatically set a nice tone. If that were the case we wouldn’t have all the nasty stuff people say and do to each other in the real world.

Sometimes I wonder if age and gender have something to do with it, but thats not the case either. Maybe intelligence then? Nope. Even intelligent people can reduce themselves to trash and less intelligent people can be sweet as candy. So I really can’t place my finger on it.

Why do you think certain websites have a bad tone or a good tone? Where does this start?

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  1. This is a good question.

    I think moderators help, if keeping the tone to a certain standard is the goal.  Over all, I think it is just being online that loosens people’s tongues up, so to speak.  When you’re not face to face, it isn’t quite as scary to act like an asshole because they can’t smack you upside the head

  2. I would have to agree.  I think moderators would help.  It would be like back in the days when I chatted in certain rooms, when someone would get nasty they got kicked out of the room.  If sites had better moderators that would kick people off they might not have so many mean comments.  Although, debating is okay it just needs to be nice.  There are just some people who don’t know how to be nice.

  3. I think it depends on the reputation the site develops. It may attract more people to behave in a similar way because they believe that behavior is OK there. Whether or not they are male, female, anon or not, if it’s a place where you can talk trash, that’s where talking trash will run rampent. 

  4. You should see some of the wars I have tried to mediate on Facebook. People do not need to be anonymous  to be shitheads to each other, these people go to same school as each other.

    Moderators help a lot. But very light handed ones

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