Thoughts about my birthday yesterday

Tuesday after work I walked into my moms condo to find her lying on the floor. She had a stroke. I dropped everything and ran over. She was talking to me, telling me she was trying to get on the couch. I could tell right away from her slurred speech and confusion that it must have been a stroke. I laid her on her back and called 911. Then I called my older sister Marcy who only lives about 5 minutes away. The firetrucks got there first followed shortly after by my sister and brother-in-law.

I took the rest of the week off work and my sisters and I were pulling shifts at the hospital. My mom is doing better now, sitting up and eating on her own. They even have her standing up and taking a couple assisted steps. She’s still witty and has a sense of humor. She also remembers things like who our new governor is and even specific dates from months ago. But shes very groggy and not entirely the same person. She definitely seems out of it a lot and I’m hopeful but also worried.

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m now officially 21 again. It was a busy day starting with having to get up and drive across town to meet some clients for a location scout at a hospital. This is for a video shoot next week. Afterward I stopped at the bank and opened a savings account. This followed by a short time at the secretary of state to get my plates renewed. Then off to the hospital to visit my mom. Followed by going back home to clean house a little and get a spare key made for my brother who was coming in town to visit my mom and staying with me.

Dante called me to tell me about his progress on which launched yesterday. Don’t get excited, it’s really nothing at this point. If you’ve already registered you can go to to login and fill out your about me section and interests. But you can’t upload a picture yet or do anything else. Plus it’s really messy looking. Talk about disappointing.

Dante and I set an launch date back in September 2010. We decided that February 4th was a good day to launch. For starters it’s my birthday and this is one of the biggest projects I’ve ever conceived. Second, Facebook launched on February 4th, 2004 and look how well it’s done.  So we thought the symbolism of launching a facebook replacement on the same day 7 years later (which also happens to be the CEO’s birthday) was pretty cool. But sadly reaching this special date was pretty uneventful.

Originally we were supposed to have our public beta launch yesterday. Public beta pretty much means the site was done and was opening to the public. The beta just meant that there might still be some bugs.

Well that didn’t happen. In fact at this point we’re pretty far from it and I’m pretty disappointed. I designed this site nearly a year ago now. I built it out, registered the company, did all the taxes and paperwork in conjunction with the accountant and promoted the site on the internet and via word of mouth. So I’ve done a lot of work. Sadly I can’t say the same for my partner. He’s had over five months to get this site up and running. It’s not entirely do to lack of motivation either. I really really like the guy and once he gets all his ducks in a row this site is going to go up and be incredible and you’re all going to love it. But he’s been working three part time jobs and dealing with a wife and kids don’t want him to spend any time on the computer when at home. Plus one of those jobs is teaching a college course on computer programming which requires him grading some homework after hours. So I understand he has very little time. But even he himself admitted to me yesterday that he fucked up and didn’t realize just how much time it was going to take to get the core functions of SocialMore up and running. As a result, we’re pretty far behind schedule.

That said we continue to work on it and I’m really pushing him (as much as I can push a guy who is short on time and not getting paid) to get some core functions up and running this week.

Aside from that… my birthday wasn’t all bad. Surprisingly my camera body (Panasonic GH1) came in the mail yesterday which I was not expecting. But I can’t use it because the lens doesn’t come until Monday at the earliest. So I got a birthday present that I have to wait all weekend before I can use. Sucks because I work all week from dark to dark so the weekend is really my only time during the winter where I can play with it in the daylight. I’ll see if anyone sells any other lenses for it locally.

I also didn’t get sex on my birthday. I don’t even know why. My girlfriend didn’t offer it. After we got some from the Mexican restaurant and book store she just took a shower and then fell asleep. it wasn’t like we were mad at each other either. in fact we were having a really good time and I was in a really good mood. So that was pretty disappointing too.

Three month ago I remember being at the bar and my girlfriend said to me “I’m going to see about giving you a threesome on your birthday.” I remember saying in reply “If we launch SocialMore and I can get a threesome on my birthday, that will be the best birthday ever.” Oh well. I didn’t really expect the second part since we’ve been trying so long with no luck. But I did expect SocialMore to fully launch. So the two together just made things disappointing. But at least that brief thought at the bar was satisfying at the time.

Eventually I’ll get what I want in this world. I’ll just keep fighting and working until I do.


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  1. wow. talk about overload on the bad news front.   Do the doctors have an estimate on how much functioning your mom will regain? Sometimes just being in the hospital can be very disorienting for a person, stroke or no stroke (the meds, the environment, the feeling of helplessness). I hope she has a full recovery; it sounds like she’s on a good track. 

    and, eh, if I could count how many times I didn’t have sex on my birthday……

    Go grab that girl around the waste and have sex this morning!  (ps I’m very excited for you about the camera…looking forward to seeing some photos when you finally have that ‘quality’ equipment you’ve been wanting for so long! congrats on that!)

  2. Happy Birthday fellow Aquarian. So sorry to learn about your mom, hopefully she will have a good recovery. Sorry things are so stressful at the moment. Wishing you better months ahead.

  3. @nyfemme – Nope I had the quality camera a week ago. Spent two grand on it, then decided to turn it in and bought one for under $500. The one I got is still really nice. But it’s more video camera in many ways and more consumer-ish. But it should still shoot great photos in my hands. I just decided that the expensive one was too much of a still camera and I am more of a film/video guy as much as I love still photography.

    @macphoto – Thank you. :) Although i really wasn’t seeking sympathy replies. I was more or less just wanting to get it all written down and out of my head. But thank you anyway. :)

  4. Well Happy Late Birthday!! Sorry to hear about your Mom that is terrible but she will make a full recovery, how I do not know, just do. Also don’t worry too much about everything else. You site is going to blast off, remember every “inventor” just did not open a box and poof. Its takes time but it will be good, real good!!

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