Those drama girls

My girlfriend has a new sorta friend. She’s one of those girls who thinks she knows everything and loves drama even though she says she doesn’t. She has a stalker, of course. As a result she has a gun and many large knives.

I’ve meet a few girls like this before. They bitch and moan about how hard things are and how crazy other people are. Yet they themselves are the real problem.

The first time we hung out with her she kept texting and calling this guy who she claimed was a loser. She would even put her brothers friend on the phone and then laugh as the two of them went back and forth telling each other to step up so they can kick each others ass. This went on for a good hour or so. I remember looking at my girlfriend like what are we going here? We’re 31, I have a 6 year old and a professional career. We don’t need to be hanging out with people who act like white trash middle school kids.”

Girls like this annoy me. They do it to themselves because secretly they love the drama. They love the attention. They’re bored and they want something to do. So as much as they say how scary it is to have a stalker, they’re even more afraid of not having one. Of not having something dramatic to tell their friends. So they keep doing it to themselves. They keep getting involved with the wrong guys and hyping up the drama. Rather then just avoid the phone calls they can’t help but pick up and get into a bitch fest. The act all tough with these guys and keep egging them on and then they act all victimized when other people ask about it.

It’s really pretty sad they can’t seem to find anything better to do with their life.

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  1. I had a friend like that in high school.. But instead she would sleep around with guys in relationships, KNOWING damn well that they were in one just to cause drama and to make herself look like “fun”!

    To say the least, She was nothing more than a loose whore and I smarted up quickly by booting her from my life!

  2. @allisfulloflove_89 – I think she’s 28 or 29. But still. I agree. One of my good buddies knows her because she used to date a guy in his circle of friends. That entire circle of friends doesn’t like her. The guys and the girls. I now understand why. She’s fake, bitchy and acts like a know it all. All of this on top of being a drama whore with extreme white trash tendencies.

    When we were sitting with her at the bar I remember hearing her say to my girlfriend “no, no sweetie, you have to take your turn talking.” Or something like that. My girlfriend was tipsy and having fun, no reason to talk to her like she’s five years old. She just made herself sound like a uppity bitch to me and I lost all respect for her at that point.

  3. I had a friend like that.  She would bitch constantly about people acting like teenagers, and all the drama in her life, but half of the stuff she was complaining about she brought on herself (like completely using her boyfriend to get stuff and leading him around and then being “surprised” when he got mad) or was over the silliest thing (like when she had to transfer to another Starbucks [that’s where she worked] for “health reasons” because the floor was sloped very slightly to allow water to drain properly).  I used to get sooooo angry with her, and I would complain about it to other friends… and then I realised I was being just as bad as she was.  So I did something about it and just told her I didn’t want to be friends any more.  My life has been so much less complicated since :)  There’s practically no drama, and it’s soooooo peaceful *ahhhh*

  4. Wow, I definitely agree with you here. I know a few girls like this as well and I will never understand it. My old roommate is just like this, it’s sad and kind of pathetic. Some people thrive on drama and refuse to grow up.

  5. ha i know so many people like that. there was one guy (yes, guy, guys can be drama queens…kings? too!) who was constantly talking about how he didn’t want any drama, he just wanted to have fun and chill. At the same time, though, he was always inserting himself into other people’s problems. A friend had an issue and he had to be all involved in it, even though the issue had nothing to do with him. A friend of his would have trouble with a girlfriend or a boyfriend and he had to “be there” for that person, which meant getting involved in the drama. I tried to explain to him that if you want to have no drama, you need to stop getting involved in other people’s problems, because you’re just making it worse and feeding the drama.

    When I started working full time, I stopped hanging out with most of those people. Sorry, but I’m grown up now, and I don’t have any time for this high school crap. I have a job, and rent, and responsibilities.

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