This is crazy

So my buddy Josh is reading reddit yesterday and he say’s to me “hey come here, quick, you have to see this.” We both work in the same room at the office. So I roll over to his desk and he shows me this ebay ad.

Second person from the bottom in the testimonial section is a picture of our friend Steve.
Apparently this seller just finds and takes peoples pictures from somewhere online and writes up some bullshit quote and puts them on there to help sell her Wiccan love castings.

So I text Steve to tell him and he texts me back.

“Damn, I knew I was good looking but this is ridiculous.”

Steve is an atheist and is married, so he would never do anything like this. I guess he contacted the seller and ebay but apparently the listing is still up.

Kinda makes you wonder where your picture might be getting used to sell something. 

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  1. @aqua_aiko – No here’s the trick. If you leave her positive feedback right away and the first casting doesn’t work, she’ll do another casting for free in two weeks. So what happens is that people leave the feedback and then two weeks to a month later they forget to come back and change the feedback. It’s the perfect setup. That way it looks like she has a lot of positive feedback.

    But also understand that people who fall for this crap, think it actually worked for them. It’s the placebo effect.

  2. I can’t believe people actually buy that stuff!

    Also, maybe your friend actually did buy the spell and it worked and that’s how he got married. But he didn’t tell anyone because he didn’t want you to think he was crazy.

  3. @roxics – sounds like a sly feedback bribe. I use ebay and only leave feedback afterwards. I usually do the follow-up feedback. I called out some sellers before. I guess those buyers are crazy lol

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