Things I Want – Master List

Some of this is just for fun and part of it is because my son has been asking me for my Christmas list this year. Problem is, I never have any ideas. Well… not true. I do have ideas. But it’s stuff that is too expensive or too niche and has to be found in good condition on the used market at a good price. Which is a lot of work. Or it’s stuff I don’t want very much and would probably make a horrible gift. lol

Rather than just a Christmas list for 2020, I figured I would just make this a master list of everything I want. From the mundane to the ridiculously expensive.
By doing it here I can mix and match retailers, rather than just having say… an amazon wish list. Because they don’t sell Ferraris on Amazon. Go figure.

So here goes, my master list of things I want.


White: Things I plan to eventually buy for myself or would happily accept as a gift.

In Green: Things I’m not excited about and may or may not ever buy for myself, but wouldn’t mind getting them as a gift.

In Red: Things I’m not excited about and may or may not ever buy for myself, but don’t want as a gift. So please don’t buy them for me.

Crossed Out: Things I’ve already bought, gotten as a gift, or changed my mind and no longer want it.

Started: 2020-11-25
Updated: 2020-12-08


1. Polk Audio T50 Loudspeakers ($79 each – two of them needed for a pair – so $158 total)
Best Buy or Amazon

2. Polk Audio T30 Center Channel Speaker ($69 – only one needed)
Best Buy or Amazon

3. Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer ($117 – only one needed)
Best Buy or Amazon for $109

4. Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf (surround sound) Speakers ($59 for a pair – only one pair needed)
Best Buy or Amazon

Ultimately I want to get the whole set of Polk T series speakers and subwoofer to replace all my home theater speakers that are nearly 28 years old.
This is my reasonable affordable choice. And probably the best choice for me considering my budget. Otherwise if I had more money to spend I would get a full set of Klipsch at just over two or three times the price.

5. Fifty Used Minidiscs from Japan ($93)

I’ve wanted a lot of used minidiscs from Japan for years, but this is probably not the best gift idea since it will likely take months to ship. But again this is a master list that will stay up for years and be updated and recycled for every Christmas. So maybe eventually I’ll splurge and buy them myself or get them as a gift.

6.  Acid Purple replacement pads for my Grado SR60 Headphones ($20)

I just got some new blue pads I paid only $5 for, so I don’t need these right now (especially at four times the price). But I thought the color was unique and cool. Also they may or may not be more comfortable than the blue pads which are not very comfortable. Who knows.

7. Orange Timex Watch Band ($10)

I’ve had this watch band on my Amazon Christmas lists for the past three years. I just think it’s kind of a fun color.

8. Lord of the Rings Trilogy 4K UHD Blu-ray Steelbook Set ($120 )
Best Buy

9. The Hobbit Trilogy 4K UHD Blu-ray Steelbook Set ($120)
Best Buy

I don’t want them as a gift. This is one of those examples of a disappointing gift. So I’ve crossed them out.
I have these movies on two other formats already and have seen them so many times there is nothing exciting about getting them as a gift.
The only reason they are on this list is because I would like to eventually pick them up at a reasonable price. Probably used and definitely in the steelbook collection like this. Please don’t spend $120 buying me one of these sets.

10. Plaid Flannel Shirts (size large)
I don’t even know where to find these, anywhere and everywhere I guess. Color can vary. I’m not that picky.

11. Red Wing Iron Ranger Copper Color Boots ($330 or less – size 13)

Again, too expensive for Christmas. But I’m throwing everything on this list. These are aspirational boots for me. I’d even take a used pair in good shape.

12. Street Fight V Champion Edition PS4 ($20)
Best Buy or Amazon

13. DualShock 4 Controller ($65 – Glacier White or Steel Black)
Best Buy or Amazon

The extra PS4 controller is only for Street Fighter V otherwise it wouldn’t be used often. So, something to keep in mind.

14. Various 4K UHD Blu-ray Movies
Whatever you think I might like.

15. Dior Sauvage 
I kind of want some, but kinda don’t. The price is way too high. But eventually I’d like to get a small bottle if they ever release smaller bottles.

16. Timex Weekender Watch ($42)

I already have a Timex Weekender and like it, this is just a different color variation with a chronograph.

17. Panasonic 20mm f1.7 lens ($267)

18. Canon EOS R6 camera kit with 24-104 f4 ($3600)

19. Sony FX6 Camera w/24-105mm lens ($7200)

20. Billy Bookcase IKEA (Black Brown color – $80)

21. Tori Amos Under the Pink Vinyl

22. Playstation 5 with Disc Drive ($500)
Best Buy or Amazon

23. Any working Minidisc Players or Recorders – portable or component (Used prices vary – I prefer Sony, they seem to work the best)

24. Ryobi Electric Battery Planer ($79)
Home Depot

25. Sony Discman with MP3 playback (Used prices vary)

26. American Cinematographer Print + Digital Subscription (1 year – $30)

27. Dress Shirts – Slim Fit Stretch (size 16.5 neck 36/37 length) – Prefer solid colors like black, grey, white, purple, electric blue or green
Amazon or Kohls or Macys or wherever

28. Silk Ties
Amazon or wherever

29. Memory Foam Pillow ($11-$25)
Big Lots or Amazon or Amazon (2) or Target

30. Velvet Plush Blanket Queen/King Size ($20) or Queen Size Sherpa Blanket
Big Lots

31. Feelworld 5.5 Inch Video Monitor ($99)

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