Things I want but I can’t have

1. A pulse rifle

Who doesn’t want a pulse rifle! I’m sure I can find some use for it.

2. Helo’s Jacket

Just my kind of style. We need sci-fi clothing stores around.

3. Everything in this picture

Seriously Nike, your recent attempt at releasing these shoes was pathetic, they weren’t the same at all.

4. Claire Danes

Hot in that total girl-next-door way.

5. This City

Yes I want the whole city.

.::More to come another time.

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0 thoughts on “Things I want but I can’t have

  1. Mmmm…pulse rifle….

    I’ve met people who’ve made loving re-creations of the pulse rifle.  They’re absolutely frakkin’ awe-inspiring when you hold one in your hands.

  2. #4… hmm for one there are no boobs… mine are MUCH better.  Also, if you want number four, I guess that means I step out of the picture :(

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