Things I never understood about Christianity

1. Why would God put a tree of knowledge in the garden of eden, give them the temptation to eat from the tree by creating the snake that convinces them and then convict them and all of their children for all time based on this one event? Wouldn’t it have been easier to put the tree outside of the garden?

2. Why does God give human beings five senses, but then judges them on the ultimate task of believing in something they cannot experience with those senses?

3. If God knows the outcome of everything in the end, why even create the people to begin with that he knows will eventually be damned to hell? Does he enjoy damning people to hell?

4. Why does God care what you do in the privacy of your own bedroom, such as masturbation or anal sex?

5. Why does God create homosexuals or transgender people and then claim it’s a sin for them to be that way?

6. Why doesn’t the bible (if written by God) reference the number Pi properly?

7. Why does God destroy all but a few people on the entire earth in a flood and then feel bad about doing it? Isn’t this odd behavior for something that is all knowing and all powerful?

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  1. all great questions… but i’d say there is one basic answer that sorta covers them all:

    on that note, God created free will.  free will is what made the angel fall from god’s grace and become who we currently know as the “devil.”  the devil creates sin and ungodly things such as ghosts, pain, suffering, gay/lesbian relationships… don’t forget the story of job where god allowed the devil to do anything to torture job except to take his life. 

    quite honestly, in my opinion, watch the movie Constantine.  when he describes god and satan as two beings who cannot directly influence souls because of free will, but who sit back and watch what happens… i think that’s one of the closest opinions of reality.

  2. hmmm. Perhaps this means that Pi is somehow greater than the Judeo-Christian God. Hidden somewhere within it is the secret of eternal life! I should drop everything and become a math major RIGHT NOW, shouldn’t I…

    I am irrationally fond of Pi though, so don’t take my word for it. 

  3. @warangel634 – 
    Sounds a little far fetched to me. It is God who created the Devil afterall and hence all evil in the world.  How does God know what is going to happen to you but also give you free will to make your own choices? If he knows what is going to happen to you, he also knows you are going to ultimately make the wrong choices, hence why create you to begin with if he is ultimately just going to damn you to hell anyway.

  4. @roxics – I won’t disagree.  I’m of the view that Jesus existed and did a whole lot of awesome things (why else would he have had so many followers who continued to persist in their beliefs?), but most of the stuff people believe is based on the writings of his disciples.  There is very little that Jesus actually said in what Christianity follows.

  5. @Katja88 – If Jesus did exist, he was a mortal man and probably a rebel in his time.
    But everything else associated with him was more then likely fantasy. You know how things can get carried away in folklore, especially over a span of 2000 years. But there where many mythical heroes and gods that came before Jesus who had many of the same characteristics as Jesus did. So it sounds like he was just the next iteration of those myths. Why he became so popular is probably just a random thing. If it wasn’t Jesus it would have been someone else. But the cahnces are good he never actually existed. We have real records written in first person of people that existed both before and after him, such as Roman and Greek citizens. None of these people are debated as the evidence is clear, the Jesus story on he other hand has too many inconsistencies as if it was multiple writers adding their own twists to a story over centuries of time.

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