The Winners Are – Xanga Booty Contest

See the original Xanga Booty Contest Voting Entry for pictures.

For the Girls:

First place: BrittMiles27 as #5 with fifteen(15) votes

Second place tied both with nine(9) votes #9 and #13 who were both anonymous

Third place: Bluedreamer85 as #1 with seven(7) votes

Fourth place was tied between three people, each with three(3) votes: #2 ChocolateCoveredKittens, #3 Jewjewbeedragon and #11 TheLoveMuse

For the Guys:

First place: thepanged1 as letter C with thirtytwo(32) votes

Second place: xxtransjayboyxx as letter D with seven(7) votes

Thanks everyone for entering and voting. It’s been fun. I may hold a second Xanga Booty Contest in the future if enough people sound off about wanting to enter. Stay tuned.

0 thoughts on “The Winners Are – Xanga Booty Contest

  1. Sweet!  I would like to thank all who loved (or liked just a little more than the others) my booty enough to vote for me!  I promise there was no padding in the undies as one voter suspected, and the photo is def of my booty and is not edited in any way.   

    p.s.  Lots of squats and lunges with weights makes for a really toned booty.

  2. @thepanged1 - very nice :)

    I was going to enter, but I couldn’t get my husband to take another picture… the one he did take I didn’t like and we kept putting it off and putting it off… so, definately another one!!!  Like I said before… a MONTHLY booty contest!!!!!  hehe

  3. @BrittMiles27 – You just *had* to go there, didn’t you?  Make everyone imagine.  You tease, you.  But c’mon, that’s got to say something.  You won *with* pants on.  C’mon.  That’s like, props.

  4. @BrittMiles27 – Well, actually, it could be argued that it *is* your Xanga Fame, cause you did have that pic in one of your blogs a few days ago.  But who cares how you won.  You won!  Cause you have a perfect ass?  *jealous*  And yup, damn straight I am (or…damn gay, I am?)  Hmm…  Naw, I’m kidding, that wouldn’t be gentlemanly.  Haha.

  5. You definitely should do another one..caue one…not many knew about it.  two the voting was too short, so I didn’t get to vote. and three….my boyfriend didn’t get a chance to enter..cause I didn’t get to take the picture due to limited time. =(  SO YAH!  LONGER TIME TO ENTER AND VOTE!!  ^_^  AND I WILL BLOG ABOUT THE CONTEST!!  ^_^

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