The Soul

What happens when I die? Do I lose my experiences? Do I lose my consciousness?
I don’t know. But I trust in God. I had no control of being here to begin with, so I have no control in where I go. I just have to go on the premise that because I became aware here, I could very well become aware somewhere else or in some other form.

I don’t know how the universe works. But I think it’s one thing to say “we have no evidence for the human soul or life after death” and another thing to say “there is no such thing.”

Some people think that we are only our physical bodies. I doubt this. My consciousness may be bound by my physical body, but it is not physical in its existence. Thought is not physical. It may be carried by the physical, but it is not the physical itself. It has a different state.  

We have concepts and ideas and imagination. We use the physical to relate these things to each other.
The big question is, does there exist a pathway for the consciousness to move from one physical existence to another? I don’t know. 

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  1. This is one of our big questions, especially since we eventually have to come to terms with the end. The energetic qualities of our awareness may have an eternal aspect to them, but I have my doubts about the thing we call the “self” or the “identity.” I bet it gets lost as the body lets go.

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