The Principles of Lust

So I’ve got Enigma playing on my ipod right now. The entire collection. There is a lot of stuff on here that is just plain excellent.

I’ve been listening to Enigma for about 15 years now. But I admit I’ve usually just listened to it as background music during other activities. ;)
This one track “Eppur Si Muovo” is great.
Any Enigma fans here? Any Enigma during sex fans here? How about just any fans of sex?
How about I need to go to bed now because it’s late and my mind is wandering toward sensual delights of smooth bodies under small waterfalls in tropical pools, so I may be thinking on getting my own pool, and keep it clean with the best pool vacuum for this, but it may be just me dreaming. Damn you Enigma!
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  1. YES! The first time my husband and I had sex he put Enigma on. AWESOME music for lovemaking. 

    And we both have their entire collection on our iTouches as well.

  2. what? who has time for soft light and music when having sex? hmm or maybe it’s just me….good for you though and your s/o :D 

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