The Future

There seem to be a lot of naysayers out there when it comes to the future.

“we’re going to destroy ourselves”
“the world is going to end”
“we’re going to create machines that are going to enslave and destroy us”

I’m sorry, I don’t buy into this. I happen to have a bright outlook for the future.
Personally I look forward to the singularity. That is the day that machines come into human level consciousness. I believe that when that happens we are going to be living in an amazing new world.
Think about it for a minute. We will one day have the power to create an entirely new species of beings. Beings that will probably possess the ability to help us advance ourselves even further.

One day the human race will look back on how we live today and call it archaic.  One day we will populate several planets.

We are just at the beginning.

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  1. This may or may not be true.  However, when you really think about it, what will stop these advanced “beings” from destroying us?  

  2. hey! nice post! That’s just the way I think! Just imagine – having frnds who r robos… I’d be talking like: 

    Me: Hey dude! Come over to my place for a night stay! Mom’s wanting to see u 4 ages!
    The robo frnd: Oh I’m really sorry… Actually I have to go for a little bit of servicing… What if I come over the tomorrow?  
    lol That’d be soooooooo much fun!!! 

  3. people have been looking to the future with such a pessimistic view.  i for one i’m tired of it to.  i mean who said robots will make things worst.  that’s why electronics are tested.  and i hate how even when it comes to the new president people are also thinking things will get worst.  really, can’t we just shutup and see.

  4. Is it possible to create a race of beings that can actually experience emotion? How is it possible to create beings that can think beyond what is programmed into them? I find it very difficult to grasp the concept of humans being able to create something that is exactly like them. In that case would they be robots? Would they be fellow human beings?

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