The Fairer Sex

Is the reality that females really are the better looking of the two genders or is it more complciated than that? Does it have more to do with the fact that we’ve historically lived in patriarchal societies where horny testosterone driven men have made sexual objects of females? Thus perhaps even females grow up believing they are the fairer sex. Further justified by the fact that they can use it to their advantage over men.

But does any of that really mean they are the fairer sex?

How does this pan out in the modern world where women are becoming more take-charge and aggressive in certian ways? Especially as they get older. Will we end up seeing more objectifying of the male body as a result?

I think back to ancient cultures like Greece and Rome where the naked male body was sculpted and painted and bisexuality was acceptable. I wonder, were women considered the fairer sex back then or were things more even compared to the off centered balance of today?

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  1. FUCK. I JUST finished a post titled “Lesbians Will Inherit The Earth”, describing in great detail why women are the fairer sex. I was going to post it tomorrow and now this. Oh well. Another one for the scrap heap.

  2. my bodybuilding trainer once said he couldn’t understand how people think bodybuilders are gross. “Fat is gross” was his answer. i could understand his point. it’s all an individual preference. to me females are the fairer sex but i don’t expect everyone to agree. i remember when it seemed an entire society couldn’t bare to miss an episode of “Dallas”. how much more ridiculous does that look in retrospect than it did back then? confident people like what they like and don’t get sucked in with the herd.  

  3. There is no fairer sex. There are plenty of “feminine” men and “masculine” women. You can’t say that they’re just “the exception”, because it is very common. It was always very common, just over the past few centuries it was viewed as “bad” and now it’s becoming acceptable again (especially with science backing it).

    There are fairer people, but not entire genders.

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