The Age of Aquarius

It is said that we entered the age of Aquarius on February 14th 2009. Leaving the age of Pisces which has lasted 2156 years. Of course this is the pop culture definition. Scientists actually estimate that the age of Aquarius will begin somewhere around the year 2600. But others say that the effects of the age of aquarius can be seen anywhere from 600-800 years prior to the actual dawn of the age. Which would put us right in line with that. Which means that right now until around the year 2600 we are living in the age of Pisces and Aquarius. The transition period.

Pisces is the age of old dogmatic thought.
Aquarius is the age of progressive thought.

During this transition period we are supposed to see a fall from religious moral standards and a rise in personal moral standards. The transition will also see great technological progress and social services.

Now do I believe any of this? Not really. I never really have. But being an Aquarian myself it has definitely caught my attention throughout my life from time to time. As interesting to me as any theology or mythology.
And although I don’t believe it, I must admit I do carry a few characteristics of my sun sign. But then they are so broad, who wouldn’t.

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  1. We are definitely thinking more progressive.  We just haven’t seen all the effects quite yet.  The beginning has started…
    China has released the proto-type for an android – Miss Roboto.  They made her able to create face expressions, talk and walk.  She’s pretty hot too!
    Technology is advancing.  Medical technology is advancing.  With the ability to use stem cell research, there will be more advancement in medicine.
    I don’t know why I seem to be the only one noticing this…???

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