Thank you Xangans

I just want to send a little thank you out to my regular readers and especially those who also comment from time to time. It takes a special breed of people to follow my writing. It tends to be all over the place. Since I jump around from deep philosophical debates to plain out stupidity you really need to be someone who has a range to your personality and an open mind.

Yeah I get people who read and comment on various entries. There are those who come for the deep stuff and those who like the mindless frivolity. But you, you come back for all of it.

So thank you for being you and for visiting here. 

0 thoughts on “Thank you Xangans

  1. And let me take this opportunity to thank you for your posts! Some are insightful and thought provoking. Others fresh and light-hearted. Always worth a read!

  2. all of your posts (‘mindless’ or not) are very insightful, well thought out, and lively. i can’t speak for everyone but it does make me think about alot of things. thank you!

    Cheers! this ones for you :D

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