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What am I doing wrong? Yet again tonight I met another guy at a party, a friend of my girlfriend she used to go to high school with. Somehow we got onto the conversation of sex and he told me he used to have threesomes with his ex girlfriend and some other girls they met here and there. Followed by, it’s not that difficult. To which I explained, yeah it’s incredibly difficult, impossibly difficult. We’ve been trying for two and half years now and nothing. We’ve had girls seem interested but never follow through, we’ve even had one or two girls say they’d do it with my girlfriend but not with me. Which leads me to believe that I’m the problem. But I don’t know why. Neither does my girlfriend. She’a always like, what the fuck is wrong with these girls, you’re hot.

I don’t come on strong or rather too strong. I’m not a prick. In person I am as you see me here. Genuine, open honest, personable and I’m incredible in bed. That’s the only thing I’ll be cocky about. Absolutely all pun intended. Of course they’ll never know that. So why am I being turned down? It drives me crazy not knowing.

This is one of those things I must do before I die. Preferably while I’m still young. I’m so fucking determined. I’ve even prayed for it, so you know I’m serious.

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  1. Um.. you seem the type that might be almost too honest, too friendly. In short: creepy. I am being blunt and take this with a grain of salt, but it is all I can think of. Good luck with your,erm, adventures.

  2. you look like a nice guy and you are from what I read and these women probably don’t realize that you are a closet freak in bed so that is likely why they aren’t interested in joining the threesome. so maybe show them a homemade vid of you and your gf in action and how incredible you are and then they’ll start to line up for that threesome or orgy.

  3. how come you guys just don’t look online like at or something for someone? seems like you attractive girls that may only want sex from you or your girl, alone.

  4. If it’s going to be a casual, one-time hookup, or few-time, I think I can see the psychology at work here. The chick doesn’t want casual. It’s that’s simple. It feels like dismissive, superficial treatment to be signed on for a one or few-time stint EVEN if the woman is on board with the act itself. I have a feeling the limited-term aspect of this puts a lot of women off without their knowing it. It’s not you, and whatever the chicks are saying as excuses, at least half of it is probably nowhere near the real reason for rejection. 

  5. I sure wouldn’t be interested in being the third person in a threesome.  I wouldn’t mind a threesome if everyone was only in it for casual sex, or if everyone was equally committed to everyone, or if I was part of the long-term/serious relationship and not the extra chick being brought in.  But otherwise, it’d make me feel like a sex toy because that’s essentially what the third chick in that sort of threesome is. 

  6. @just_the_average_jane – It’s interesting you say that because I’ve heard of lot of girls say the opposite, that being the third girl is the only way they would be in a threesome, because they can enjoy it as casual sex without having jealousy about what their boyfriend is doing with another girl,

  7. @roxics – Really?  I can see how that would work if everyone was in it for casual sex. But otherwise, I think I’d feel a bit excluded, especially if it was obvious that the couple really cared about each other.  Then again, maybe I’m too sensitive to being on the outskirts of a social group! 

  8. I’ve known you for a while, right? I’ve been around for a number of trials and tribulations.

    I’m going to guess that you’re involved too much. I know sometimes you can be too honest, which can be a detriment in this case. You should really have the gf call the shots. Odds are, it’ll fly easier if you guys play it where you’re the prop for the women. As the event goes on, you can be more involved, especially if your gf involves you more.

    If you guys go out to the bar to meet women or to meet prospects, don’t drink too much. At least you shouldn’t. In the past, I’ve seen you get too honest or too blatant, which can turn off prospective people.

    Try and, Also, if you post photos, most of them should be of the gf. Not that you aren’t a good looking dude, but women seal deals.

  9. @brokenreel – 

    it’s funny you mention that because that’s the route we’ve been taking and haven’t gotten anywhere. This guy I talked to gave me the opposite advice. He said it’s all about me getting the girl interested in me and then bring the girlfriend in. Once the girlfriend comes in she has to show a strong desire to the other girl that she wants to play with her.

    At least that’s the advice he gave me and something that sounds like it might work. So I’m going to have to try it.

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