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  1. While it isn’t exactly a dating site, I used adultfriendfinder.com many years ago.  Some people showed up, others flaked out.  It was a decent experience overall, but I’m not into that kind of thing anymore.  I wasn’t really into it back then, either, but my ex-fiance pressured me to do it.  That’s just one small reason he’s my ex.

  2. never used one.  I wouldn’t use one, but I’m not against them.  I think they can be good for some people. Because I know all to well that some places where people live the other singles don’t match them at all or can’t find someone that’s decent…etc.  So branching out is good.  

  3. I browsed them but didn’t sign up. I think they should put a testimonial section for people to write something about the date they went on with the person to possibly warn others of any weird stuff and to rate it 1-5 stars sort of like ebay’s buyer/seller reputation negative/positive rating systelm. then I wouldn’t be so hesitate to meet these strange men for dates.

  4. oh lord, I had a few really bad/funny dates from one of those things. Quite a while ago. NO. Never, never again. My mom sort of forced me onto one. We thought it was funny for a while, but I got so many hits/messages that it started to become almost stressful. And oh man was the one date horrendous… 

  5. I have never used one, but my wife did before she met me. She said they were full of losers, and decided that going after a married man was preferable. lol. lucky me. 

  6. @methodElevated – I’m sure people flaking out is a pretty common thing. Especially when it’s that kind of site. There are a lot of people who are just teases. 

    @aqua_aiko – Good idea. I’ve had a similar idea myself.

    @scruffylizard – Thanks for your feedback. I think probably a lot of women get tons of messages, get frustrated and then just give up.

    @Da__Vinci – They can’t all be losers I wouldn’t think. Then again it probably depends on ones perspective. The older people get the more set in their ways they are. If they’re the type that’s jumped from relationship to relationship or never really had a relationship, they’re probably likely to repeat those patterns. 

  7. @nattata – I know you’re sort of joking when you said that. But I don’t know, is it considered desperate to use a site like that? Seems to me like in theory sites like that are a good idea since you can sort of pre-screen people with their profiles and maybe find people who you won’t run into otherwise.

    So I guess my question would be. Why would it be considered desperate?   

  8. @roxics – It’s likely to be different for men using a dating service, but I’d think you will find a lot of desperate women with marriage as the top priority. Approach with caution!

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