Teens are F*cked

These stories appear in the news all the time these days. We hear about 14 to 17 year olds snapping off jelly bracelets in turn for sexual favors. Just recently in Poland about five 15 year old girls got pregnant in the last year playing a game called “the sun.” This game involves 4 or 5 girls laying nude in a circle with their heads together at the center while 4 or 5 guys go around the circle from one to the next fucking each girl. The winner is the guy who can hold out the longest before he cums.

This kind of stuff is happening all over the place. Teens are plaing sex games, having group sex, jumping from partner to partner and the news is reporting all of it as “shocking!” As a responsible adult my reaction should be “that’s horrible” but honestly the first thing that comes to my mind is envy and wishing I was 15 again. I mean my biggest sexual fantasy (right now and for the last 16 years) is having a threesome with two women. Now at 31 years old, the older I get the less likely that seems like it’s going to happen. I’ve had sex with ten people in my entire life. I didn’t have my first real penis in vagina sex until I was 18. But I remember what it was like to be a 14 or 15 year old teenage guy. If I had girls willing to spread their legs for me at the drop of a hat back then like teenage guys do these days, I would have jumped on it too. But it didn’t happen back then. At least in my life.

That was only 16 years ago. Back then it took a crow bar to get a girl to even think about touching your junk. I’m sure there were girls that did but they were rare and you rarely heard about it. So I can’t imagine being that age and having a girl and a bunch of her girlfriends all spread eagle for me in the same room at the same time. Sounds like the greatest fantasy come true for any guy, teenage or otherwise. But what the fuck happened?

When did preteen and teenage girls become so sexually liberaly? Where was the turning point? What suddenly sparked this sexual revolution among teenagers these days? The reality is people want to look down on it but they shouldn’t. That’s why the news reports it as “shocking news” that gets parents in an uproar. But they aren’t going to stop it. The only thing they can do is make birth control and contraception mandatory. Beyond that sex education needs to start younger and also be mandatory no matter what the parents beliefs are.

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  1. @aqua_aiko – I didn’t go to college. I was driving trucks when I should have been in college. So I missed out on all of those experiences. I’ve also only been single for a total of a year over the last 13 years. When I was single, I went months being denied by women left and right. So really I’m not more special than any other average guy. So it seems I’ll have to improve myself somehow before I can ever realize this fantasy. :)

  2. I think there are too many catch-22’s if you want to find a single female who is more likely to want to participate in a couple threesome, then mingle in the social scene at night clubs where the younger target audience hangs out. I think bisexual women aren’t ideal for your threesome because they’ll favor one or the other and sometimes pay more attention to the girl than guy and straight women have threesome fantasies that involve two men so that’s probably why they don’t want to participate in couple threesomes with two women. you’re bisexual so I think maybe a foursome with another couple looking for group sex will work better with two women and two men or a swingers thing.

  3. @roxics – I went to college but this is funny that I didn’t stay at the dorms but continued to live at home and commute to my nearby college 15 mins away to avoid the slutty dorm experience one of my close female friends, who I thought was a geeky prude, lost her virginity during her freshman year that she dormed there and dressed more sexual than her usual conservative clothing when she was in high school, so I likely would’ve given in to the temptations too but I actually removed myself from those situations. maybe it is your approach that they denied you. I thought guys just have to tell the girl he thinks she is beautiful and then she’ll be flattered due to low self esteem and have sex with him lol the girls you approached didn’t have a low enough self esteem like the sluts these days

  4. @aqua_aiko – We’ve considered other couples and are still considering it. But honestly I’m being greedy. My girlfriend has been with another girl and another guy at the same time. So my feeling is that if that guy was able to get her and another girl at the same time I should be able to as well without having to share her with another dude. I mean why should that guy she was with before be any more special than I am? He didn’t have to share her with another guy to be with two girls at the same time, so why should I have to? Sorry I’m resisting a foursome until I get my wmw threesome. 

  5. oh I see. wmw threesomes don’t interest me because I’m not sexually attracted to women and the only reason why I’d consider a threesome because I’m curious about the double penetration thing and a woman in the picture can’t please me and I don’t like strap ons. I think that’s probably why other women aren’t interested in a wmw threesome unless they’re bisexual and being a straight woman, I think hearing another girl moan would turn me off and I’d be jealous to share the guy so I’m greedy too.

  6. There are some disturbing trends these days, especially among the very young. They watch porn on the net and think that is the way things are, and want to try it too, so they are starting at 8 and 9 years old. At that age, they can’t discriminate between reality and fantasy very well. At older ages, say high school, it has become ingrained, and they don’t think much of it. It seems normal and expected to be wide open and not be choosy. At one of our high schools, it was practice a few years ago for the students to go out in the woods behind the school at lunch time and have sex openly with each other, so other couples could watch while they were “doing it.”  It was “hot.” How do I know? I got the info from girls (plural) that were part of the action. They were also making porn while they were nude and “having fun.” Well, the parents brought pressure for something to be done, and the school got a new principal that was a drill sergeant in special forces. Numerous unpopular changes brought an end to most of that behavior. Lunch is locked into the gym and cafeteria, security cameras were installed (that was more for the pot smoking under the stairs though), etc. Students and parents screamed to no avail. I’m sure it has not been reduced to zero, but at least it is no longer easy to act like a porn vid at school.

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