Taxes piss me off

So in November of 2008 I had my boss change my tax paperwork to claim 0. This way they would take more money out and come early 2010 I would get more money back.

Guess what?

Upon doing my taxes it is telling me that I owe the federal government $487. What!!!!

No No No, something is wrong. I should be getting money back. More money than had I claimed myself (1) but for some reason that isn’t the case here.

I can’t figure out what is wrong. All I know is I don’t want to pay someone to figure it out for me.

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  1. well, our SS made us pay $3600 two weeks ago – something they told us we DIDN’T have to pay… like 3 years ago. -.- As for taxes, they suck all-together.

  2. @misuriver – Agreed.

    @TheTheologiansCafe – Honestly good for you. I’m certainly not going to poo poo the good fortune of someone else even though mine right now is no good.

    @HisKeiki – Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t you love how the federal government and the credit card companies just assume you have this money lying around all the time. Like when they say “You owe $3600, I can’t take a payment right now if you’d like” to which my response is ‘listen bitch, if I had $3600 lying around I wouldn’t be in this predicament to begin with.”

    @musterion99 –  I’m still trying to figure out if there are any deductions I can claim. My mom was trying to tell me that there is something called a worker tax credit or something. She said that basically if you have a job you can claim it. This doesn’t make any sense to me and I can’t find anything about it.

  3. @roxics – The 2 deductions I’m speaking of are standard deductions. On my 1040A form, line 24a, there’s a $5700 deduction for singles, and on line 26, theres another $3650 deduction. The time I mentioned, I forgot one of those. 

  4. Taxes themselves don’t really suck.  They pay for the things we take for granted.  But the complication of the tax system is what I have a huge problem with (and it sounds like so do you).  Even things that should be VERY simple… property taxes… are overly complicated with escrows and mortgage companies screwing up what should be a VERY easy calculation.  We just found out that we owe $800 towards our escrow because our mortgage company screwed up the calculation for the past THREE YEARS, so when they told us we were over, we were actually under.  If this were any other charge, we would tell the mortgage company “your mistake, you eat it” but you can’t do that with taxes.  Of course, this hits us right at the beginning of the spring/summer season where expenses tend to go up because of repairs, landscaping, etc. I ended up having to cancel a trip I’ve been planning for months because of the added expense, so now I don’t get a vacation this year.

  5. One thing I know for sure that is against you, is you already owe.  They wouldn’t give you a refund even if you were owed it this year because they would take the refund and add it to what you owe.  The one thing I make sure I do when filling out the tax forms (when hired) is I give extra money to them.  I give extra $5 to state and Federal to make sure I don’t end up paying.  I had to pay the State once, and I vowed never to have to do it again.

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