Talking crap about Xanga Celebs

I haven’t been here that long. When first arriving at this site it seemed really big. Then after blogging here for a couple months I realized I kept running into the same people over and over again. Which made me start to question just how many people belong to this site.

I noticed there are certain people here who seem to be celebrities among the community. I’m not really sure why they are. Looking at their stuff, it doesn’t seem any better then anything anyone else would write, yet they continue to get hundreds of replies and a lot of fanfare.

I don’t have a problem with any of them, I just don’t understand where their celebrity comes from.

I have noticed some people do have a problem with them. Personally I don’t get that either. I mean if you have a problem with them, then don’t read their stuff. Seems simple enough. I don’t know why there is a need to create a bunch of drama about them. Sure if there is something they say that you have a problem with, that’s a different story, but to attack them personally just seems silly.

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  1. It does seem silly to “e attack” someone who youve never met.
    Xangalebreties as I call them as popular because they are well liked, write well and often, comment others, interact with others and have a way with starting a conversation..I dont think Ive ever had a prob with any of them.

  2. My problem lies from some history. Personally I get a lot of replies, but I refuse to wear any label. Someone mentioned I had become popular, I don’t feel that way because I don’t pretend to make nice with people if I don’t like them. I prefer reading literature of smaller bloggers anyhow.

  3. I guess those particular xangans have just been around for a long long time. Once they got some regular recs, their readership grew and grew and grew until you see them now with just hundreds of regular readers and many many recs, even for some frankly rubbish posts. I don’t have a problem with them but popular people are always going to have enemies full of envy and anger.

  4. i’m just here to call you out on your profile picture.. because i’m a broken record these days.. and it seems to be more important then what anyone is writing…
     it seems.. professional… which means .. you’re a tool….
    I KID I KIDDDDDDD…… ..nice pic by the way

     um. read what you like. people that are “popular” are people that have the time on their hands to sit around and browse about.. comment a lot.. and usually have a decent sense of humor….
     no harm in that, right?
    sometimes they all disagree within themselves and argue about petty stuff…
     their prerogative..
    their shame.. whatever….

    i’m here just to do whatever it is I do… smile…

  5. There’s actually a lottttt of people on xanga. It’s just a lot of people aren’t noticed. If you go to the recent blogs I see people there that I’ve never seen on xanga before. I try and read as much blogs as I can. You’d be amazed to see that those underrated bloggers have such nice good-written entries to read.

  6. I do just that.  I ignore the ones I don’t agree with.  I used to read them and feel the blood pressure rise, however… I got tired of all the drama myself.  I don’t read what I don’t want to and I write what I want to.  That’s how it’s supposed to be, right?  Who gives two shits what these “celebs” say or do?  It goes to show who are sheep and who aren’t.

    I don’t read the Enquirer or anything of that sort, just for the same reason.

  7. Yeah, it is pretty silly to attack them personally… admittedly, some of them (us? Am I a Xangalebrity yet?) are ginormous drama queens, but otherwise it’s just like, “whatever.”

  8. To respond to your post (sorry I couldn’t help my previous comment), I have problems with some of the ‘popular’ ones, but I just ignore them.  My biggest pet peeve with them is their claims NOT to be popular.  Whatever.

  9. They might be popular because people are actually reading them.  It really only takes one spectacular post to attract people to the sight, and then they subscribe, and boom…anything after that is being read.  If this is an issue to people, they should rec other xangans who could then get noticed and read.

  10. popularity happens for lots of reasons – sometimes it’s fairly random (it happened to me out of the blue after many years of blogging un-noticed)  and other times, it’s hard earned in a relatively short period by people who particularly value it (beetunes, paul_partisan) – it really varies a lot.  There’s a story to how each popular person got popular, i suppose.

    It’s got its ups and downs.

  11. You do now that 14 unique commenter s and 54 views in far less than a hour makes you more than a little popular yourself. I remember you as a new gem.

  12. In all walks of life, you are going to find petty minded, argumentative people.

    Xanga is no different. That is what blockers are for.

  13. The big dog built up a forum, a popular thing in a world of strangers. The people wanted it and now he is huge and coasting. Most of the rest are just a large social circle. They leave 100 comments a day to each other. Its high school.

    There are a lot of good writers on xanga but some of the best are basically uninterested in being read by more than a few people. There have been two different woman, who opened new sites who wrote some great stuff.  I promoted both of them. One made featured the other was attacked by one of the super bloggers, because she overwhelmed everyone’s entries that day. That scared the hell out of both of them. Nether liked it, both are now close to dormant sites.

    Not everyone wants to be popular use the explore feature “recent blogs”.  You need to look around and sub to those gems you do find.

  14. agreed!  (And Xanga must be at least decent sized, I dont think I have run into you before and I spend way too much time here.  So hi!!  *waves* )

  15. I agree so much!  I don’t understand where all the drama comes from or why people have such a hard time staying away from it.  I’ve never been involved & that hasn’t taken any effort.  Heh.

    For the record, I think a lot of those blogs are so “popular” because they intentionally post often about controversial topics.  You’re bound to get a lot of traffic, good or bad, when you post a heated opinion about homosexuality, religion, politics, and whatever the hot news story of the day is.

    I sometimes wonder if some people post their real opinions or if they’re just trying to get a rise out of touchy people on here.  Lol.

  16. The Xangalebrity phenomenon baffles me.  I’ve read some that are terrific writers; others are really nothing special.  Doesn’t that descirbe the entire community? 

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