Taking back The Sanctuary

Years ago I started a website / messageboard about indie filmmaking called The Sanctuary. About four or five years ago life for me got complicated. I started cutting my first feature film, my son was born and work was busy. There had also been a couple of fights that broke out on the community and as the site administrator I had to lay down the law. Something I don’t enjoy doing. Beyond that I just started to feel a disconnect with my passion for filmmaking. I just didn’t feel like I had the time of love to be running a community site on indie filmmaking anymore.

So I handed it off to one of the members, an older guy who was always really decent and friendly. I could tell from talking to him that he had a good head on his shoulders, was down to earth and a good judge of character. Just the right person to lead a community like this. So I asked him, he took the site and ran with it for the last four years.

I got an email from him this past weekend asking if I wanted to take it back. Life has started to get a little crazy for him and he didn’t feel like he had the time to really take care of it. So I accepted. I spent a good portion of Sunday and Monday bringing the site back to my servers and getting it all set up running some new software. Now it’s back up and I’m still messing with it here and there, adding new features and tweaking some of the existing stuff.

If you have any interest in indie filmmaking, or just like a good conversation with a fairly tightnit group of decent and friendly people, then come check it out.


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