Take Back the Beep


David Pogue is awesome and this is a great article. I’ve been complaining about those tacked on prerecorded voice greetings for years now. It’s like “I already recorded a personalized greeting, why does the cell company have to add an automated one after it?”

Well I guess I know the answer now. It uses up your airtime and earns them hundreds of millions of dollars extra per year. You gotta think the only way this really works is by all of the major carriers coming together on the golf course one day and devising this dastardly plan.

I think Pogue has a great idea about us all speaking out. But I think he needed to put together a prewritten message we could all send out to the carriers.  You know, since we have to listen to their same message over and over again, they should have to read our same message over and over again. :)

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  1. Excellent thoughts!  It will be interesting to see if someone with top leadership skills takes the lead in this and if they succeed!  Thanks for sharing!

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