Can you read this?

I’m doing a test. I want to know how well my self-hosted wordpress blog is showing up for people using different readers like the reader, feedly and aol reader. Please post a comment here and tell me if you can or cannot see the featured image in your reader. It seems that by defaul […]

Xanga in a nutshell

Welcome to Xanga Over here you’ll find the Christian right and the “wait till marriage” girlsTo their left are the unapologetic atheists who talk about nothing else.To the right sitting on those benches with flower petals at their feet are the same ten xangans you’ll see mentioned in every contest and entry about xanga.On the […]

Top Blogs Hates Me

Just when I think I have the system figured out, it messes with me. Last time I was forgiving, must have been a fluke or I missed it the day before. But now one of my entries has 75 comments made within 7 hours, (60 of which were within a three hour time frame) as […]

Changing Pictures

My girlfriend asked me the other day why I keep changing my xanga picture so often. I told her it’s because I keep getting bored with the one I have. Which is the truth.I don’t think it’s a self confidence issue. I don’t know. But she’s told me before that I have many faces. Many […]

Thank you Xangans

I just want to send a little thank you out to my regular readers and especially those who also comment from time to time. It takes a special breed of people to follow my writing. It tends to be all over the place. Since I jump around from deep philosophical debates to plain out stupidity […]

Premium Plus

Can someone explain to me the benefits of Xanga’s Premium Plus? It says Unlimited storage but does that also included unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited amount of uploads per month? Why doesn’t Premium or Premium plus include more then one protected list?

Xanga the next Facebook

In my last entry Facebook and Twitter WTF Internet I explored my dissatisfaction with Facebook and made a few suggestions on what in my opinion would be improvements to the site. That said. After a thinking a little more, though not much more as this thought has crossed my mind previously, I am going to put […]